‘Swamp People’ Star Troy Broussard Reveals How He’s Been Spending Time Since He ‘Retired Last Year’ in Pics

by Keeli Parkey

Now that he doesn’t have to worry about filming episodes of the popular reality television series “Swamp People,” Troy Broussard has extra time on his hands. And, it looks like he is making the most out of that time.

On Friday, Aug. 6, Broussard gave fans an update on how he has been spending his days via social media. He posted a collage of photos to Instagram showing the progress he has made on a boat rebuilding project.

Turns out, the former “Swamp People” star has a personal connection with this boat.

“Since I retired last year, been busier than ever,” Troy Broussard shared on Instagram. “Finally had just a little bit of slack time before gator season so I started restoring this old 1979 MaxCraft airboat that I watched being built as a kid.”

Broussard also said he spent time on the boat with the man who once owned it.

“Even got to make a lot of duck hunts out of it with the owner, Chris Bellanger,” the “Swamp People” star also shared.

Later, Broussard acquired the boat for himself and started his rebuilding project. He began by breaking the boat apart and reassembling it.

“I was lucky enough to buy it and I have spent a lot of hours disassembling it and making repairs to a lot of the structural parts of the boat,” he also shared.

‘Swamp People’ Star Troy Broussard’s Upcoming Work on Airboat Includes Sandblasting and Painting

Even with the work he has already completed, Troy Broussard has more improvements to make to this 1979 MaxCraft airboat.

“Still needs minor work on the engine, sandblast all of the hull, engine stand, guard, floor plates and then prime and paint, then put on new polymer,” the “Swamp People” star also said.

He is ready and able to get the job done. And, he is going to do just that.

“Every day I’m out in my shop working on this project …” Broussard said.

Another reason this boat means show much to him is that working on it makes him feel closer to his father. It was his father who helped build this airboat in the first place.

“… it brings back old memories,” Troy Broussard said of his work. “Sometimes I even feel my dad here right beside me griping about everything I’m doing, that it was wrong. (if you knew him, no one could ever do anything right, lol). Big thanks to Kirk Abbott for letting me buy this old boat back.”

In a 2014 article for Bassmaster, Broussard talked about something else important to him that his father made.

“I grew up hunting ducks and geese in the winters and chasing bass in the spring and summer,” Broussard shared. “Got my first shotgun at age 4 and my first boat when I was 8. It was a homemade pirogue that my dad built, and it had a custom transom that held a 3 1/2-horsepower Evinrude motor.

“My mom and dad would drop me off in the mornings at the ramp with a fishing pole, a tacklebox and a can of gas, and away I went. …”