‘Swamp People’ Star Troy Broussard Shows Off His ‘Swamp-Genuity’ in Crafty New Pic

by Jon D. B.

With a day’s hard work and more exclamation points than you can shake a gator at, Swamp People vet Troy Broussard has himself a new pier.

“Swamp-genuity!!!!!” says ol’ T-Roy. Nobody prepares for gator season like T-Roy Broussard, and don’t he know it! While the man is no longer a part of the Swamp People cast, he remains a professional alligator hunter, bass chaser, and firefighter. Now, gator season approaches and the pro is doing all he can to get a strong start.

“Yep, gator season is a month out yet it’s already started for me,” Broussard said last week in earlier preparations. “Getting everything stocked up, cleaned up, and repaired. Always nice In 95-degree heat!!”

This Tuesday, however, he’s showing off a brand new swamp pier he’s fashioned himself. I’ll tell you, give an able man some lumber, a square, and a drill, and there’s not much he can’t do!



“Nice,” replies Swamp People fan Alice V. Which is a good bit less visual than the next comment from fan Heath S.: “Ready for some blood colored wood stain.” Oh, internet.

BassBoats4Sale.com sets a nice middle ground, however, with: “Looks real good!”

That it does, T-Roy. That it does! Looks like a man could harvest himself plenty-a-gator on such solid planks. And we have no doubt that at least one man absolutely will be.

‘Swamp People’ Vet Troy Broussard

While Broussard has given up the popular show, he is clearly far from done with gator hunting. Yet his entertainment “retirement” leaves plenty of time for his own business: Texas Swamp Stompers. But this isn’t all T-Roy is getting up to! He’s clearly a man who loves his projects, as another recent post to his Instagram shows fellow Outsiders what he’s been up to post-Swamp People:

“Since I retired last year, been busier than ever,” Broussard told his followers back on August 6. “Finally had just a little bit of slack time before gator season so I started restoring this old 1979 MaxCraft airboat that I watched being built as a kid. Even got to make a lot of duck hunts out of it with the owner, Chris Bellanger!”

Troy adds that he was “lucky enough to buy it and I have spent a lot of hours disassembling it and making repairs to a lot of the structural parts of the boat. Still needs minor work on the engine, sandblast all of the hull, engine stand, guard, floor plates and then prime and paint, then put on new polymer,” the Swamp People alum continues.

“Every day I’m out in my shop working on this project,” Broussard concludes. And judging by his regular Instagram updates, we don’t doubt that one bit.