‘Swamp People’ Star Troy Broussard Single-Handedly Pries Giant Gator’s Jaws Open in Wild Pic Ahead of Hunting Season

by Jon D. B.

“10 more days till the bodies hit the floor!” Swamp People‘s Troy Broussard is ready for gator season with his intense photo prying a giant.

Hoo boy, Swamp People fans, it’s almost gator season! And none know it better than T-Roy Broussard. He’s proving it Wednesday with his latest post showing off an immense past harvest. With plenty of “Good luck!” comments from fans on Instagram, Troy is no doubt ready to roll.

In fact, he’s counting down the days. “10 more days till the bodies hit the floor!!!” he captions the photo below. As a Texas native, Broussard will be Core gator hunting from September 10 through 30, 2021.

“Wow what a big Gator,” comments Swamp People fan Kris J. on Instagram.

“Ready to be there and get a big one!!!” echoes Kaityn H.

Texas means business when it comes to gator season, too. Their hunting laws are incredibly specific when it comes to the species. For example:

  • In non-core counties, no person may employ more than one taking device at any time.
  • Alligators may only be taken on private property.
  • Alligators may be taken from public water, however, the person and the taking device MUST be on private property.
  • Hook and line (line set) must be secured on private property with a portion of the line above water. Minimum 300 lb. test line.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg via Texas.gov.

‘Swamp People’ Vet Troy Broussard Goes ‘All-In’ For Gator Season

No one does gator season like T-Roy. In fact, the professional bass chaser, alligator hunter, firefighter, and full-time dad Broussard has been full-speed-ahead prepping for the hunt for weeks.

“Yep, gator season is a month out yet it’s already started for me,” Broussard posted to Instagram a full month ahead of gator season. “Getting everything stocked up, cleaned up, and repaired. Always nice In 95-degree heat!!”

“Hell yea Troy!” replies Wild Bill Fishing to Troy’s post. Broussard certainly has his share of cheerleaders! Don’t tell ’em we called ’em that, though…

As Swamp People fans know, however, ol’ T-Roy’s days on the show are behind him. Down in Texas, though, he’s still as active as ever. He’s even used his newfound freedom to expand his business: Texas Swamp Stompers.

Texas Swamp Stompers specializes in professional gator hunting, airboat rentals, and wetlands management. And according to Broussard himself, he gave his business this fantastic name after a childhood memory.

“Swamp Stompers” was born after Troy and a friend went gator hunting as boys. Broussard grew up stomping around in the marshes of Southeast Texas, he says, so the name feels like a perfect fit. His boyhood was spent hunting ducks, trapping game, and catching fish and gators, after all. So Texas Swamp Stompers it is!

For all the latest on the Swamp People stars and gator seasons across the U.S., stick with your fellow Outsiders.