‘Swamp People’ Star Troy Landry Battles Monster Pythons as Long as a Person

by Jon D. B.

“What the heck is that doing in Louisiana?” Swamp People legend Troy Landry has fought himself some snakes in the past, but never any like this 13-foot behemoth!

Among many great returns, Swamp People Season 10 brings two Louisiana legends together for the first time: Troy and Willie! These two gents are as experienced and big-hearted as the Bayou makes ’em. It shows tenfold when they finally unite to help a family friend of Troy’s asks for help, too.

Gator season 2021 is over for Troy Landry. Now, he’s using his time to help those in need using his particular set of skills.

“I’m on my way to see this lady named Miss Chelsea,” Landry tells the Swamp People crew in his melodic way. “Miss Chelsea’s a friend of my wife’s, and she’s a single mom with a couple of kids. She called my wife, panicking!” Troy says.

Troy and Willie go on a different kind of hunt to keep the community safe from some monster pythons in this clip from Swamp People Season 10, “Voodoo Python”.


Miss Chelsea’s kids “saw a big snake.” But not just any snake – one that’s likely three – if not four – times their own length. Thankfully, Troy knows of Willie Edward’s past work for the show and his experience with serpents.

“He knows all the swamps around here as good as I know ’em,” Troy smiles. “If anybody can help me catch this snake, It’s Willie!”

‘Swamp People’s Troy and Willie Team Up for the First Time to Take Down 13-Foot Python

Troy lets Willie know up-front the task at hand. And it’s not what either of them is used to.

“We wound up finding a 13-foot-long shedded snake skin,” Landry details of the task at hand. Willie’s expression immediately changes.

“That’s a big snake!” Edwards smiles.

“They got some people that come down in the middle of the night and they do… They do that Voodoo stuff,” Troy explains. He thinks their massive serpent could be a snake these people turned loose after they were done with it. That, or it got loose accidentally after a ceremony. Either way, both Swamp People icons know it’s important to remove this massive invasive predator from the area.

As the gents head out, they find themselves a large 7-foot python first. Willie successfully bags the large constrictor, but not without a huge struggle alongside an enthusiastic Troy.

It’s a big snake, sure, but only half the length of the monster they’re looking for. Realizing they may be a bit out of their league after struggling with the 7-footer, Troy decides to call in the big guns. It makes for fantastic viewing the likes of which Swamp People fans have come to expect.

Be sure to watch Troy and Willie finally find their mammoth prize courtesy of History Channel above. And stick with your fellow Outsiders for all the latest from one of our favorite shows: Swamp People.