‘Swamp People’ Star Troy Landry Defends His Turf From Cannibalistic ‘Vampire Alligator’

by Jon D. B.

The Landrys have a ‘Vampire’ loose in Pierre Port, and the Swamp People stars will stop at nothing to take this cannibalistic gator down.

Alligators are terrifying enough as nature makes ’em. Tagging ‘vampire’ onto the ancient giants just doesn’t seem fair. Yet that’s exactly what Troy Landry says has been raiding his honey pot: a “Vampire Gator.”

The name makes for a perfect episode title, too. And in this Season 8, Episode 4 of Swamp People, Troy Landry says this titular “Vampire Gator” is exactly what’s “devouring” most of his catch.

“That gator’s givin’ us some drama,” Troy says as he patrols Pierre’s swamps. “We need to catch his ass. Catch him and put him on the barbecue pit,” he smiles.

Accompanying Troy is his son, Jacob Landry, who Swamp People fans know as the spitting image of his father. Spotting a “bunch of bubbles,” Jacob believes they’ve found their cannibal gator within feet of one of their lines.

“I knew there was another alligator,” he offers. “Didn’t know how big it was, but is was going there to eat on the one that was on the line.”

A vampire gator terrorizes Troy’s hunting grounds. Dwain and Daniel Edgar try and get in a groove. RJ hunts with his brother Al for the first time since they were teenagers. See more in Swamp People Season 8, Episode 4, “Vampire Gator.”


With a plausible lead and the bait already set, Troy and Jacob waste no time. Jacob tosses a 4-prong treble hook into the mass of bubbles, lets it sink, then brings her on in.

“This is the cannibal, baby! He was going to eat the one on the line,” Troy shouts as his son yanks the hook. Sure enough, he manages to snag the gator.

‘Swamp People’s Landrys Have Themselves ‘A Submarine Under the Water’

Jacob struggles with the monster as his father loads his rifle. The movement makes it clear: this “Vampire Gator” is also a giant. As the beast surfaces, Jacob notices he’s barely snagged their suspect; the hook barely “in “his toenail.

“Thank God he ain’t fightin’ hard!” he says as Troy aims over the boat’s edge.

“Don’t pull him, don’t pull,” Troy whispers. “He’ll rip that skin so easy…. Jesus, it looks like a submarine under the water!”

Deciding they need another hook in the monster, Troy does what only the Swamp King would: he hands his rifle to his son and reaches into the water and wraps a hook and line around the alligator’s leg. Then all hell breaks loose.

“Shoot ’em, shoot ’em!” Troy shouts, but it’s too late. Their cannibal has gone ballistic. With no gloves and a whole lot of skill, the Swamp People icon manages to keep hold of the giant. Finally, Jacob gets a clear shot at the gator’s skull – and the killing shot rings.

After a bit of well-earned celebration, the Landrys bring their “vampire” onboard. And he’s an absolute monster – at least a 12-footer, Troy cites.

“This thing was, I mean, big,” the Swamp People star says after an amazing vampire impression.

Watch the rest of the Landry’s victory unfold in the full Swamp People episode above. As with most entries in the show, it’s well worth the view.