‘Swamp People’ Stars Brock and Aaron Get Lost in Gator-Infested Bayou

by Samantha Whidden

They were considered the “young guns” of season 11 of History Channel’s Swamp People, but Brock and Aaron notably experienced some dangerous close calls while filming in a Lousiana bayou.

The History Channel revealed on Swamp People’s season 11 episode 4 that Brock and Aaron managed to get lost while in a gator-infested bayou. The duo started their day in the Orange Grove Swamp, which was considered new territory for them. They had no real knowledge about the swamp or its surrounding areas. “In this area where we’re hunting, it’s a new area. I’ve never been before. The landowner who actually gave us these tags put some lines out in the marsh,” Brock explained.

The Swamp People star then shared that the man handed him a map and just told him to stay off his property lines. “It’s tricky out there. Especially going into an area that I don’t know.”

While the Swamp People castmates reviewed the map, the two discovered that the map was upside down. “When you’re not out in the swamp, it’s so easy to just pull something up on your phone. And you can see the exact GPS coordinates where you’re at, where’s the property line. But way back in Orange Grove, we don’t have any cellphone service.”

As the Swamp People duo continue further into the swamp, they started noticing that lines were down. “All right, Mr. Aa-ron, let’s see what the hell is going on,” Brock declares as he and Aaron begin to hunt for gators. Despite not knowing the area well, the two managed to struggle with and caught a big gator. The reptile was around 10 feet.

‘Swamp People’ Brock and Aaron Struggle to Catch More Gators in Unfamiliar Area

Also during the episode, it appears that while Swamp People’s Brock and Aaron had a great start in the unfamiliar area, it seems their luck ran out quickly. They start noticing that their lines are down in certain areas. “We gotta come to the bottom of what’s going on out here,” Brock explained. “We knew that we had some lines back there. We just couldn’t find them.”

The Swamp People star then said he and Aaron came out and put all the work in and unfortunately they had nothing to show for it. The duo finally managed to catch a second gator. “We’re catching good alligators, but I wanna know who’s been messing with these lines,” Brock stated. “If I see somebody out here taking bait off of my line, I’m gonna confront them about it.”

Brock also promised that when he and his Swamp People castmate find out who is running their alligators, it’s not going to be pretty. Unfortunately for Brock and Aaron, a territory dispute with Big T and Daniel happens. Big T and Daniel were responsible for Brock and Aaron’s line issues.