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‘Swamp People’ Stars Change Their Luck with Massive Graveyard Gator

by Jon D. B.
Alligators (Photo by Hoberman Collection/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

‘That’s some Friday the 13th stuff, there!” Watch as Swamp People‘s Willie Edwards leaves the safety of his boat to take on a graveyard gator.

It’s an area known as “The Graveyard” for good reason. Many have fallen here, both man and gator. But Willie Edwards isn’t one to pass up a monstrous opportunity. Not even on an actual Friday the 13th.

In Swamp People‘s Season 11, Episode 6, “Chasing a Ghost Gator on Friday the 13th,” the Edwards boys have hooked themselves a “big ‘un,” and the beast is snared behind a tree right on the shore. Yet Willie can’t manage to land the right shot with his rifle from a short distance away. It’s an odd occurrence for the talented hunter, scope and all.

Strange things are happening in the Swamp. It’s Friday the 13th, Daniel and Big Tee chase a bait-stealing monster called The Ghost. Jacob and Don hit a run of bad luck, in Season 11, Episode 6, “Friday the 13th.”


“That’s some Friday the 13th stuff, there!” he exclaims as he and ‘Little Willie’ narrow in on the graveyard gator. Willie’s not taking defeat, either. Swapping his rifle for his revolver, the Swamp People star jumps into action – leaving the safety of his boat to pursue the gator on land.

And this is one alligator that refuses to die. Willie fires several shots into the skull of the brute, but it continues to thrash, almost pulling him into the water with it. Right before it can, however, Willie empties every round he has into the gator’s skull, finally killing it.

‘Swamp People’ Fight the ‘Friday the 13th Curse’

“Finally got ourselves a graveyard gator!” he exclaims. “You can turn your luck around even on Friday the 13th. Just have to stick around and wait a little while.”

Which is exactly what the Edwards boys did. The result? An 11-foot bull gator that will fetch a hefty price. It’s all in a day’s work for the Swamp People.

Yet this Friday the 13th was very nearly a lot worse for the Willies. Earlier in their hunt, their boat’s engine “crapped out” on them big time. With smoke flying and the sun setting, Willie’s frustration was mounting.

“Bad luck does come. When it starts on you, it can be hard to get out of,” he offers. Finally, however, Willie is able to get his motor running and resume his hunt in “The Graveyard.”

At first, all they can catch is a smaller 8-foot alligator. It’s a beautiful specimen, but far from the monsters Willie and his son are hoping to harvest. Through hard work and perseverance, though, the Edwards boys finally win out over the Friday the 13th curse with the 11-foot behemoth gator above.