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‘Swamp People’ Stars Take on a Massive Monster Bull Gator

by Jon D. B.
(Photo by Paul S. Howell/Liaison)

Swamp People‘s intense Season 11, Episode 4, “Mystery in the Bayou” grippingly showcases what the show’s legacy is all about: Man vs Monster.

Out on the T Bayou, Joey Edgar and Zak Catchem are on the hunt. Joey knows the area for its “big alligators,” and expects a sizable bull or two. But just like King of the Swamp Troy Landry and his crew earlier in the day, all of Joey’s bait is still hanging free. The chicken carcasses are untouched, an unusual sight for the Swamp People pros.

“That’s a bad feelin’!” Joey sighs twice over. Zak spots several more bait lines still fully intact, to which Joey can conjure nothing more than “I don’t know what’s going on here, bubba!”

Luckily, their fortunes are about to change.

The gents spot a huge alligator slide; the kind only made by a massive heavyweight of a monster. “Look at the size of that footprint!” Joey exclaims. “This is a monster, Zak. But it looks like he was goin’ up and not down!”

“Where’s he going up there?” Zak asks.

Already, the Swamp People hunters are noticing T Bayou is a bit different from the year prior. “This year the bull alligators are still in their dens, in their holes. They’re still far back! So I’m thinkin’, we gotta change our strategy,” he notes.

To help change their fortunes, Joey calls on his “secret weapon”: professional animal caller, Josh Carney.

A game caller from Baton Rouge, Josh was first a prolific hunter until a tragic accident left him in a wheelchair. As Joey points out, though, Josh turned his predicament into a “new gift” as he became one of the most talented game callers in the Southeast.

‘Swamp People’ Legends Joey & Zac Bring in Monster Gators with Professional Game Caller, Josh Carney

Together with Josh, the crew bagged an absolute monster the season prior. They’re looking to repeat this success for Season 11. And as the breadth of Episode 4 showcases, Josh brings his A-game and allows the team to do exactly that.

With a few expert calls and physical signals to the water, Josh spots a big ol’ gator not far off. Zac casts a line right on top of the gator, which Joey says is “bubblin’ like a big one.”

Before long, Zac has a huge hit, and uses his own Swamp People skillset to bring the beast in. It’s a sizable bull gator; one strong enough to almost pull Joey straight out of the boat and into the thin canal. But with some good ol’ fashioned teamwork, Zac is able to finagle the bull’s head up and out of the murky waters – and Joey lands the shot.

“I know a lot of people that gave up on life a long time ago that got a lot more opportunities than Josh,” Joey says of his friend. “But even though he’s got some challenges, he hasn’t given up… He’s beautiful to be around.”

Watch the full Swamp People episode below:

Not catching any Gators, Troy and Terral test a radical new strategy. Jacob’s new deckhand tries to prove his worth. Young guns Brock and Aaron make a name for themselves in the swamp, in Season 11, Episode 4, “Mystery in the Bayou.”