‘Swamp People’ Star T-Roy Broussard Shows Off Boat Project: ‘Where is Xzibit When You Need Him?’

by Jonathan Howard

Imagine a world where Swamp People and Pimp My Ride coexisted on the Television. Unfortunately, the latter of the two stopped having new episodes in 2007. However, Troy Broussard of Swamp People may be trying to make the connection happen anyway in the year 2021. Recently via Instagram, Broussard showed off a project of his own. A 1979 airboat that his father helped build for a friend. That boat, which is now 42-years has bounced around from person to person and now Broussard owns it.

The boat looks like any other old airboat, but of course, it isn’t. Everyone that has worked with motor vehicles knows the sentimental value a car, truck, or boat can have. Working on a piece of machinery like Broussard’s boat is often a family affair and if he has his way this boat will stay in the family for quite some time.

So, what does any of this have to do with X to the Z, Xzibit? For fans of the early 2000s hit show Pimp My Ride on MTV, the connection is clear. The basic idea around the show was to go to someone who had been nominated by family or friends to have their junk cars turned into one-of-a-kind classics. The West Coast Customs team would take an old station wagon, slap 10 TVs throughout, maybe a Playstation 2, and sometimes some truly outrageous builds. Don’t forget, the rims are still spinning.

Now, Troy Broussard is dealing with quite the rebuild on his hands with this old boat. So, who else would he call on than Xzibit? Although the connection hasn’t been formally made, we can dream, right? I can see it now, Troy and the boys tearing through the swamps of Louisianna blasting Hank Williams through about eight subwoofers. The West Coast Customs team could rig some kind of gator-catching mechanism too!

Troy Broussard Pimp My Boat Ride

So, if we continue this thought exercise, what else could Xzibit put in Troy’s boat? The boat was built by his dad, owned by multiple friends, and it’s now back in the Broussard family. Now, this is what I see. There would be a picture of Troy’s dad dead center of the steering wheel. They would put some slick wood paneling down the sides. The cage of the fan would be gold or shiny chrome, and you know the fan would somehow have a spinning rim.

While I’m not sure what Xzibit is up to these days, this has to happen. Picture Xzibit riding through the swamps to Troy Broussard’s house to surprise the gator hunter? Not only that, but the Cajun accents screaming about the finished product would be enough for me to get enjoyment out of the whole thing. Xzibit riding the swamps hunting gators sounds just as entertaining, the crossover can go both ways here. Hopefully, Broussard’s people can get with X’s people.