‘Swamp People’ Star T-Roy Broussard Shows Off Successful Hunts from Opening Days of Alligator Season: PHOTOS

by Jon D. B.

“Mess with the best, get tagged like the rest!” Swamp People‘s T-Roy Broussard is off to one hell of a start for Texas’ core gator season!

His days on the hit History Channel show may be behind him, but Troy Broussard will be a gator hunter ’til death! In a series of three tweets, the Swamp People alum is updating fans on his harvests so far. And as we expect, Team Broussard is pulling in some absolute monsters!

First up is this big boy: an 11 foot, 3 inch long alligator from the swamps of Texas. This beast was Broussard’s first harvest for the 2021 core season, and it’s safe to say he started off with a bang.

“Mess with the best, get tagged like the rest,” T-Roy captions the shot via his official Twitter:

Next up is an “Epic day two” shot from the 2021 Texas core season, says Broussard. Here, we see Team Broussard standing proud with another 10+ foot monster gator displayed. Below, a full harvest of another half-dozen behemoths await processing. Have to get that photo op in first!

From the looks of it, however, Team Broussard nabbed their biggest gators on “day three.”

“Day three wasn’t a slouch either!!!!” T-Roy winks via Twitter Monday. Within, we see the Broussards holding up two absolutely mammoth gators, each a prize in their own right. Look closely, and you’ll see a few smaller gators piled up alongside, showing the full extent of day three’s harvest.

‘Swamp People’s T-Roy Broussard Comin’ For Dem Gators!

These images may shock some, but an Outsider knows that hunting is a direct element of both nature and conservation when executed correctly. America hosts a very healthy alligator population, and hunting seasons are in place to both help maintain these populations as well as fund other important conservation work.

As a result, states like Texas and Louisiana mean business when it comes to gator season, as Swamp People fans know. Specifically, Texas hunting laws are beyond intricate when it comes to this ancient species. For example, a few of the laws for core gator season are:

  • In non-core counties, no person may employ more than one taking device at any time.
  • Alligators may only be taken on private property.
  • Alligators may be taken from public water, however, the person and the taking device MUST be on private property.
  • Hook and line (line set) must be secured on private property with a portion of the line above water. Minimum 300 lb. test line.

This, fellow Swamp People fans, is just the tip of the gator-shaped iceberg via Texas.gov, too.

These specifics are in place to keep gator season a fair, viable form of conservation. Without the trial and error that led to these laws, gator season could become an all-out massacre with devastating consequences for the species and the ecosystems we all share.

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