‘Swamp People’: Troy Chases the Biggest Predator of the Season

by Jon D. B.

For this raucous Season 11 episode, Swamp People icon Troy Landry assembles an elite crew to take down the giant gators of Cow Island.

As Swamp People points out in their opening credits, this is a way of life dating back at least 300 years. And in Season 11, Episode 8, “Airboat Armada,” Landry shows how just how harrowing it can be.

For the core of the episode, Troy is assembling his crew to infiltrate Cow Island. Ronnie and Ashley are along to assist the Landrys with their armada of airboats. Amidst it all, Brock and Aaron chase down their biggest beast of the season: the infamous Dr. Steel.

“Cow Island. There’s no other place like it in the swamp,” Landry begins the episode. It’s an alligator stronghold; one the gang has been waiting to infiltrate in this manner for years. Each year, the Landry’s gather a crew to make their way to the treacherous island. But this year they’re going all out in a way they never have before.

With this goal in mind, it becomes a family affair. Chase and Jacob Landry are along for the mission. They’ve brought several trusted deckhands to assist alongside Ronnie and Ashley, too. It’s a meeting of Swamp People‘s finest, and it’s sure to deliver.

‘Swamp People’ Take On Giants of Cow Island

As Troy explains, Cow Island is a lake surrounded by high ground, and it’s like nowhere else the teams hunt gators. “It’s real hard to get in and out of,” Landry says. “Alligators come there to breed. And then after they hatch, the little ones and the mammas take off and spread out in the swamp.”

But they’re not after these mammas or little ones. “This is the mecca for big, mature alligators,” Troy cites. And the Swamp People all-star team hopes to bag a few monster bulls for all their effort.

Troy Landry has never been into the swamps of Cow Island with airboats before. “This is going to be a game changer for us,” he says. And a game changer it is.

By the end of the episode, Ronnie and Ashley bag themselves an absolute mammoth 600-pound bull gator. He’s almost 13-feet-long. It takes all of their skill and strength combined to reel him in without breaking the line. Then there’s the matter of getting this hoss into their boat. And this is to say nothing of Brock and Aaron‘s Dr. Steel.

For Swamp People fans, it’s beyond worth the watch – and one of the best episodes the classic show has delivered. Watch it in full below courtesy of History Channel, and be sure to let out a few “Hoo Boys!” along your fellow Outsiders.

Troy assembles a crew to infiltrate Cow Island. Ronnie and Ashley assist the Landrys with an armada of airboats. Brock and Aaron chase their biggest beast of the season: Dr. Steel. See more in Season 11, Episode 8, “Airboat Armada.”

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