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‘Swamp People’: Troy Goes Solo After a Big Gator

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Gregg DeGuire/Getty Images)

It takes a brave hunter to venture out into the Louisiana swamps alone, and Troy Landry of Swamp People is one of the few who can come back with a boat full of gators.

Recently on the series, the “King of the Swamp” had to embark on a solo mission when his partner was too sick to leave home. Lately, Landry has been trolling the bayous with the young gator hunter named Pickle – though Landry knows her better as “Pee Wee.” Throughout their time together, Pickle has proven herself to be a formidable gator wrangler. While Landry steers the boat, she’s in charge of checking their lines and pulling the trigger when her partner gets her the perfect shot. Though she may be young, Pickle is no lightweight, so when she had to call out sick, her Swamp People partner knew it had to be serious.

While Landry worried for Pee Wee’s health, he knew they couldn’t afford to miss out on a day on the water. So, he loaded up the boat on his own and shipped out.

‘Swamp People’ Star Demonstrates Why He’s ‘King of the Swamp’

There’s a reason why most gator hunters in Swamp People tend to venture out into the muggy water with a partner by their side. Between navigating the boat, reeling in the gators, lining up the shot and tagging them, there’s a lot of work to do. The easiest method is to have one person handle the line while the other handles the rifle. When working on your own, there’s a lot that can go wrong. If you lose control of the gator, it can pull the line into the propeller, possibly damaging your equipment and losing your game all at once.

But this is Troy Landry we’re talking about. Sure, having a partner makes his days go a lot easier, but he used to troll the Belle River on his own on a regular basis when he was younger. Without Pickle by his side, the Swamp People star had a chance to relive what gator was like when he was in his prime.

And sure enough, he showed fans that he hasn’t lost his edge.

When Landry spotted his first line, he easily trolled his boat over to the branch and got to work. With the line in one hand and his firearm in the other, he yanked the gator towards him, held the gator in place and took the shot. According to the Swamp People star, this was the first gator he had pulled on board by himself in over 20 years. But if we didn’t know any better, we’d think he hadn’t skipped a day on his own.