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‘Swamp People’ Star Troy Landry’s Comments on His Sons Not Being ‘as Careful’ as He Is

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images for A+E Networks)

Like gator-hunting father, like gator-hunting son. In the Landry family, the Swamp People skillset seems to be genetic. What does that entail? Patience, stealth, bravery and caution. Although, that last one doesn’t come quite so easily to the three boys, according to their father, Troy Landry.

Landry has three sons that take after him on the Louisiana swamps. Chase (31), the youngest, has been on Swamp People since its first season and still spends every September on the Belle River with his dad, now on his own boat. When the season’s over, though, he resumes his full-time job as the owner of the appropriately-named restaurant, Chasin’ Tails. Likewise, middle brother Jacob (37) also looks forward to gator hunting season every year and captains his own boat while teaching his good friend, Dusty Crum the ways of the water. Meanwhile, Troy’s oldest son, Brandon (43), doesn’t share his younger brothers’ passion for the Swamp People ways. Rather, he tends to come hunting on the weekends every now and then and brings his two daughters along.

Back when the show reached its second season in 2011, the boys were a lot less experienced and careful as they are now. Within the ten year-span since the preliminary days of Swamp People, the Landry boys have become formidable hunters on the Belle River and don’t let much stand in their way of tagging out each season. However, as Troy explained to TV Tango, they used to be much more reckless.

“They’re not as careful as I am,” Troy said in the 2011 interview. “They grew up with daddy having their back. They don’t realize the danger as much as I do. Thank god I’m there looking out for them. For now, I’ve always had their back.”

Even now that the boys have their own boats, Troy still supports Chase and Jacob from afar. Of course, at the time, the Swamp People father recognized that much of their naivety came from the boys’ young ages.

“As we get older, you realize the danger. When you’re young, we all do stupid things,” Troy admitted. “I guess my boys are all pretty young. They’re going to learn the danger.”

‘Swamp People’ Father Didn’t Know if the Gator Family Tradition Would Continue

After the first season of Swamp People, it was pretty clear that the oldest Landry son, Brandon, wasn’t going to be a frequent hunter on the Louisiana swamp waters. However, with how much vigor and interest the two younger brothers had alongside their dad, it seemed pretty plausible that Chase and Jacob would follow their father’s footsteps by representing the Landry name in gator hunting.

But at the time, their father wasn’t so sure. Troy expressed that the nature of gator hunting was turning more into a weekend hobby than an actual occupation in Louisiana. As a result, he seemed to think his boys would follow this trend, too.

“Even today there are weekend warriors who have jobs and fish on the weekend,” Landry said. “Not too many people like ourselves who make a living doing. It’s slowly changing. It’s part of life. There’s nothing you can do.”

Luckily for the Swamp People star, though, Chase and Jacob are invested as ever in gator season. And it’s all thanks to their dad.