‘Swamp People’: Troy Landry Described Zeitgeist of Fandom, People Driving Up to His House

by Samantha Whidden

Opening up about his life in the spotlight, Swamp People star Troy Landry reveals that fans are actually making their way to his home just to see what he’s up to. 

During a March 2011 interview with TV Tango, Landry stated a lot of Swamp People fans take trips to Pierre Part to look for him. “Just about every day someone drives up to my house – from East Coast to West – at 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. looking for me.”

Despite the lack of privacy, the Swamp People star says he’s actually fine with his increased popularity. “It’s all good. I enjoy meeting people. Most of them just want to stop by for a picture or autograph.”

Swamp People is described as a reality TV series that follows the day-to-day activities of alligator hunters who live in the swamps of the Atchafalaya River Basin. The hunters mainly hunt American alligators for a living. Troy Landry is one of the original cast members, along with Jacob Landry, Junior Edwards, Willie Edwards, and Bruce Mitchell. The show made its debut in August 2010 and now has 12 seasons with a total of 213 episodes. 

‘Swamp People’ Star Says He Watches His Boys While Hunting For Alligators

Also speaking about the precautions that he and his boys take while hunting alligators, the Swamp People star shares, “I look out for them. They’re not as careful as I am. They grew up with daddy having their backs. They don’t realize the danger as much as I do. Thank God I’m there looking out for them. For now, I’ve always had their backs.”

Landry then admits that boys do take his help for granted because he’s there. “As we get older, you realize the danger,” the Swamp People castmate explains. “When you’re young, we all do stupid things. I guess my boys are all pretty young. They’re going to learn the danger.”

The Swamp People star then states when gator season is around his area. “It lasts a month in each zone. They overlap. The East zone opens on August 25th and lasts four weeks. The West zone opens up the first week of September and lasts four weeks. I fish both zones.”

Landry then says that during the rest of the year he hunts and catches other creatures around the swamp. “Some frogging. Some catfish. I love to fish turtles. I love to eat turtles.” 

The Swamp People castmate goes on to add that he’s considered the Steve Irwin of Louisiana. “I used to love that show. I used to watch him all the time. You have to be careful. I’m sure one of these days we won’t be lucky and something might happen. If you mess with fire, someday you’re going to get burned.”