‘Swamp People’: Troy Landry Detailed How a Tropical Storm Made for a Massive Alligator Year in Season 3

by Amy Myers

Troy Landry proves each season that he will continue to hunt gators through hell or high water. In the past, the Swamp People star has made some dicey decisions to bag as many alligators as he could. But the King of the Swamp isn’t afraid of a little danger, and from how much he gets for each catch, the risk is definitely worth the reward.

During season three of Swamp People, Landry demonstrated just how far he would go to catch more gators. After a tropical storm reached the area during the open season, many hunters called it quits and waited out the treacherous storms in the safety of their homes. Not Landry. Instead, he carried on the way he does every season – with determination and success. He explained how his hazardous behavior paid off to New York Post.

“My boys and I – I think I can tell you this, without getting in trouble – we caught more than we ever caught before,” the Swamp People star explained.

Despite how easy Landry makes gator hunting look, the previous season proved to be one of the toughest he’s ever encountered.

“But, we had the biggest challenge we ever had, we had a tropical storm move in for a few days, caught like 15 inches of rain. We had so many tags, even though the weather was so bad, we couldn’t take a day off. Thunder, lightning, we were out there every day.”

The Reason Why ‘Swamp People’ Star Troy Landry Tries to ‘Tag Out’ Each Season

As with any hunting season, there’s always a bag limit, and each hunter needs to purchase their own tags. Depending on the population and nature of the species, hunters could receive only one tag or dozens. In the case of gator hunting, there’s one other detail that factors into the number of tags the hunter can have – their previous season’s performance.

Usually, if you have a bad season, the only consequence is your own disappointment – and maybe some ribbing from your fellow hunting buddies. For gator hunters like those on Swamp People though, a bad season can affect next year’s tag count. ScreenRant reported on the many rules that the cast of the show has to follow in compliance with the History Channel and Louisiana wildlife department. According to the news source, if hunters don’t use all of their allotted tags, they could receive fewer the following season. Another determining factor in the number of tags hunters get is their access to permitted hunting grounds. The more land you can access, the more tags you’ll get.

Understandably, Swamp People star Troy Landry does whatever he can to use all his tags, or “tag out,” to be sure he can continue to make enough money from the season. Here’s hoping that doesn’t include hunting during a hurricane in the future.