‘Swamp People’: Troy Landry is a ‘Sucker’ for History, Talked About Fishing with Historical Figures

by Amy Myers

Perhaps it’s only fitting that Swamp People star Troy Landry appears on the History Channel since he himself is a self-admitted “sucker for history.” When he’s not on the Belle River in Louisiana with his two sons, Chase and Jacob, Landry is indulging in history shows and literature. Though he lives a very different life than before he was the star of a reality series, Landry never forgets where he came from and the figures that came before him.

When Swamp People finished its first season in 2011, Landry sat down with the team at TV Tango for an exclusive interview. At the time, Landry still struggled to keep his boys in line on the water and make enough money by the end of the 30-day alligator season.

The Swamp People star even discussed how the recent alligator seasons have not been as profitable. Little did he know that the Landry’s would someday soon have a legacy on the Belle River, and he would earn the nickname “King of the Swamp.”

During the interview, Landry also discussed his passion for history during his downtime. The Swamp People star shared that he was a big fan of comedy, but he will always love historical programs.

“I like old TV. I love to watch the History Channel because they show the old stuff. If I could go back to school I would learn about American History. I love to watch history shows about the old days,” Landry said. “I grew up listening to people talk about the old times. My parents didn’t have electricity or power. They grew up with nothing. We grew up with radio and TV.”

‘Swamp People’ Star Shared Who He Would Take on the Water

Of course, with how much Troy Landry enjoys learning about history, choosing a historical figure to take on the swamps with him is a tough decision. Some might think that Landry would choose a recent personality, like maybe Steve Irwin, who shared Landry’s love for scaly reptiles. In fact, the Swamp People star even shared that people call him the Steve Irwin of Louisiana. However, Landry ultimately decided to take a past president, a team of American explorers and a renowned leader of the Chiricahua tribe of Apaches.

“My ancesters — my grandpa — lived on boats and picked moss,” Landry explained before revealing his choices. “They sold moss to people who would come down once a month. Back in those days, if you bought a sofa, it was made of moss. They made a living outside of fishing. Native Americans had to live off the land just like my people.”

He continued, “I’d love to bring back Geronimo or Andrew Jackson. People who put us where we are. Lewis & Clark did what they did. if I could bring them back, I’d love to take them gator hunting. What they did was unreal.”