‘Swamp People’ Star Troy Landry’s Thoughts on Being Compared to the ‘Crocodile Hunter’ Steve Irwin

by Shelby Scott

Since the “Swamp People” debut on the History Channel back in 2010, alligator hunter Troy Landry has built quite the reputation for himself among fans. In a TvTango interview in 2011, the star discussed whether people ever compared him to the crocodile hunter Steve Irwin. Landry admitted he’d heard it a few times.

The interviewer further asked if anyone ever called Landry the Cajun Steve Irwin. To which Landry replied, “Oh yeah. The Steve Irwin of Louisiana.” The “Swamp People” star also said that he “used to love that show” and watch Irwin consistently.

However, as a fellow big lizard hunter, Landry also emphasized, “You have to be careful.”

He partially seemed to reference the Australian conservationist’s death when he said, “I’m sure one of these days we won’t be so lucky and something might happen. If you mess with fire, someday you’re going to get burned.”

The ‘Swamp People’ Crew Has Had a Few ‘Close Calls’

It seems that the “Swamp People” crew has avoided catastrophe so far. However, Landry nevertheless shared that there have been a few close calls. He and his team managed to avoid getting knocked out of the boat by big alligators until the time of the interview.

However, Landry did say that at the time, the big creatures tried to bite him two or three times over his career. Definitely not something we would wish on any of you Outsiders.

The star explained, “We’re in a hurry. You let your guard down,” which would probably amount to the main reason for the crew’s close calls.

He further shared that because his sons are younger and less experienced than he is, they’re not as careful. Though they haven’t been knocked out of the boat by a big alligator, they’ve most definitely come a lot closer.

“They don’t realize the danger as much as I do,” Landry said. “When you’re young, we all do stupid things…(but) they’re going to learn the danger,” he assured.

Troy Landry Has a Limited Hunting Season

The “Swamp People” patriarch Troy Landry has help from his sons and his crew throughout the show’s episodes. However, it’s never really clear how long the actual hunting season goes for. Hunting season in the northeast endures throughout fall and winter depending on your choice of weaponry and prey. Landry and his team on the other hand only have four weeks per “zone” to collect their bounty for the season.

According to the professional, he shared with TVTango that each zone only lasts four weeks. The two zones consist of the East and the West zones and because the alligator hunter depends on his kills for a living, he hunts both. Alligator hunting season runs between August and September, still incredibly warm months down south.

The “Swamp People” star revealed that when he’s not hunting big game like gators, he spends the offseason catching frogs, catfish, and turtles. Personally, these feel like much more achievable feats.