‘Swamp People’: Troy Landry’s Use of ‘Long White Ribbons’ is a Key to Hunting Alligators

by Joe Rutland

For those avid “Swamp People” viewers, you might wonder why hunter Troy Landry uses those white ribbons when he’s out getting some gators.

Landry offered up some inside-gator-hunting insights about this during an interview with the Monticello Herald Journal.

“I like to tie long, white ribbons near my lines because a big part of the alligator’s diet are the white herons that you see all the time along the bank,” Landry, who has been on “Swamp People” since its first season in 2010, said.

“Alligators don’t see good,” he said. “They can smell really good but they don’t see good, so if you put a 2- or 3-foot-long white ribbon hanging on a tree branch that moves when the wind blows, they think it’s a big white heron.”

‘Swamp People’ Hunter Lives In Primarily French-Speaking Parish

Well, if anyone is going to know about the nuances of gators, then it’s going to be Troy Landry. He lives down in Pierre Part, La., which is part of Assumption Parish and is one of the most French-speaking parishes in Louisiana. For Outsiders who are not familiar with Louisiana, the state calls its counties “parishes” in there.

“Swamp People” films its episodes in the Atchafalaya Basin area, a swampy mix of water, moss, and trees down in Louisiana.

Troy, along with Jacob Landry and Willie Williams, has been on The History Channel show since its first season. Right now, other gator hunters on the show include Joey Edgar, Ashley Jones, Doc Brewer, and Destin Choate.

The show just wrapped up its 12th season in May 2021. Fans are waiting for news from the network if “Swamp People” will return for its 13th season. Since it just ended a couple of months ago, there’s still time for decisions to be made.

Landry Has Some Definite Ideas On How He’s Going To Eat Gator Meat

Obviously, gator hunters go and kill those animals for their livelihood. Yet they also like to cook up some of that gator meat. After all, “Swamp People” is pretty much focused on gator hunting.

How, though, does Troy Landry like his gator meat cooked?

“I love grilled alligator,” he said. “Grilled gator is very good. We pan-fry it, and we make a sauce picante, a stew, that’s very good.”

OK, so what different types of meat is within the gator? Landry offers a play-by-play breakdown on that, too.

“The leg is red meat and we make a stew with that,” he said. “The white meat, we like to grill it or fry it up or put it on the fire pit.”

There you go, Outsiders. Some up-close-and-personal reflections on how to cook that gator meat when you nab one yourself.