‘Swamp People’: Why Does Troy Landry Always Wear a Striped Polo Shirt?

by Joe Rutland

Troy Landry is one of those Louisiana legends thanks to being on “Swamp People” over the years. But why does he always wear a Polo shirt?

Not just any Polo shirt, but a striped one at that. Like, what’s the deal with that, Troy? Well, Landry offered some answers to that burning question in an interview with Louisiana Travel.

“It is my lucky shirt, and I had about seven or eight of ’em and I’m down to about three now,” Landry, who’s been a regular on “Swamp People” for years, said. “I’m trying to find me some new ones, and the wife can’t find none that’s exactly the same.

“So, ah, I don’t know what I’m gonna do in the future. … I need to find me some new ones and we’ve been looking, and they are hard to find exactly like that,” Landry said. “But it is my lucky shirt. That’s why I catch all those big ones—I always wear that shirt.”

What’s interesting, though, is that the interviewer noted Landry’s wife Bernita buys the Ralph Lauren-brand shirts in bulk from Kohl’s. So the “Swamp People” star should have a lot more luck on his side as soon as she gives him a new striped Polo shirt.

‘Swamp People’ Star Gets Used To Life Changing After Appearing on Show

Landy has been one of those longtime alligator hunters that are a part of “Swamp People” for a number of years.

The show, which airs on the History Channel, followed the travails of gator hunting by people like Landry. Outsiders who avidly watch the show know Landry is close to getting a gator when he yells “Choot’Em” in his deep Louisiana Cajun accent.

How, though, has the show changed Landry’s life? “Everywhere we go, people recognize us and they get excited,” he said. “[Life’s] changed a lot but all in a positive way.”

Landry also added that sales for alligator meat have doubled since “Swamp People” premiered in 2010.

Now early on, he did have some concerns about how the History Channel would present gator hunting to the world.

“I didn’t want the [History Channel] to show too much of the killing part of the alligator,” Landry said. “It’s real nasty in the boat; at the end of the day, it gets ugly.” While the gory parts of hunting are a reality, Landry told Louisiana Travel that the network does a good job of showing what “Swamp People” hunts are really about.

“They show us harvesting the gator,” Landry said, “but didn’t focus a whole lot on the killing part.”

“Swamp People” recently finished its 12th season on the History Channel with its May 27th episode. Will it return for a 13th season? Stay tuned.