‘Swamp People’: Why Fans Believe Troy Landry and Pickle Are Related

by John Jamison

“Swamp People” remains a fan-favorite after more than a decade of action-packed episodes. Longtime fans, however, were pleased to find a new addition to the show recently. It was none other than Pickle Wheat. In addition to having an awesome name, fans also noticed how close she and Troy appear to be on the show.

In fact, it led many to believe that the two were related in some way. Though just because Pickle is a proficient gator hunter and gets along with Troy, it doesn’t make her a Landry automatically. Even if they are hilarious together.

On the contrary, Cheyenne “Pickle” Wheat came into Troy’s life as a result of her dating his son, Chase. But based on how they interact, it’s easy to see how people might think Pickle and Troy were related. And there are several good reasons for that.

One, it takes a specific type of person to hunt gators as their profession, “Swamp People” or not. Per History, Cheyenne Wheat was brought up in the culture. Not only that, but she also has a line of ancestors that goes back to the early days of gator hunting in Louisiana.

Two, Cheyenne clearly has a tremendous amount of respect for Troy Landry.

“Can’t even begin to explain the hilarious relationship we have on and off camera. I cannot appreciate this man enough for everything he has taught me and for treating me like one of his own! Oh and thanks for being ‘weak weak’ like Mossey says, so I look strong…If I could only find some good help!!” Pickle wrote in a Facebook post.

Clearly, the two enjoy a father/daughter type of relationship. And even a bit of a resemblance.

Was Steve Irwin Another Long Lost Relative of ‘Swamp People’ Star Troy Landry?

The late Steve Irwin, also known as the “Crocodile Hunter,” would certainly have some interesting stories to share with Troy Landry. In fact, Landry has been compared to the Australian. He has been dubbed the “Cajun Steve Irwin.”

“Oh yeah. The Steve Irwin of Louisiana. I used to love that show. I used to watch him all the time,” Landry told TVTango in 2011. “You have to be careful. I’m sure one of these days we won’t be so lucky and something might happen. If you mess with fire, someday you’re going to get burned.”

Though one can’t help but realize the differences between Irwin and Landry. It’s unlikely that Steve Irwin would actually appear on a show like “Swamp People” if he were still around.

Why? Well, Irwin was a conservationist. He fell firmly in the anti-hunting camp. He only earned his “hunter” title as a result of casually wrestling with crocodiles.