‘Swamp People’s Willie Battles Stubborn Gator That Refuses to Give Up in Battle of Wills

by Jon D. B.
AVERY ISLAND, LA - MAY 6: Alligator on May 6, 1980 in Avery Island, Louisiana. (Photo by Santi Visalli/Getty Images)

If you’re going to have a battle of wills, bring yourself a Willie. With this monster gator, the Swamp People star proves he’s one of the best in the business.

There’s a whole lot going on down in the bayou for the latest full episode History Channel has up over on YouTube. And then some. King of the Swamp Troy Landry and his brother, Guy, are already behind on their quota for Swamp People Season 7, Episode 6: “The Party’s Over.” Yet matters are made far worse by a “professional criminal” of a poacher that keeps stealing their gators right off the lines.

Before their day is over, the Landrys have lost thousands of dollars worth of gators to the poacher. The dirtbag even shoots up a trail camera and steals the memory card from within, foiling their attempts at identifying the bottom-feeder.

But Willie Edwards‘ day is a different story. Hunting solo is a dangerous business, but Willie proves he’s more than capable of doing so in “Party’s Over.”

For the length of his Bayou Sorrel hunt, a monster of an alligator evades the Swamp People pro‘s grasp. Yet ol’ Willie never gives up.

When Daniel Edgar’s boys show up late and hung-over, the party quickly comes to an end. Troy does battle with a poacher, as Willie risks it all to get the biggest gator he’s ever hooked, in Season 7, Episode 6, “The Party’s Over.”

Swamp People

The beast escaped Willie’s line the day before. But he’s got one tag left to fill and a whole swamp’s worth of determination.

“Just have to keep ridin’ around and wait for him to pop his head up,” Edwards says matter-o’-fact. “Like a needle in a haystack. Boy, boy, boy…”

‘Swamp People’s Willie Edwards Bags a Behemoth

With a combination of treble hooks and lines set, Willie’s blue eyes comb the swamp. Then, as evening rolls in and Sorrel darkens, he spots a “jerk” in one of his shore lines.

“I see black under the water, right there,” Willie smiles. And sure enough, “Wooh! We got a big one on there.”

The gator’s so big, in fact, that it’s strength has severely frayed the rope. Finally, that big ol’ log of a head clears the surface. “That’s a big one!” the Swamp People star shouts.

After a mano-a-mano struggle, Willie finally gets his shot at the gator’s skull… And his rifle jams. But there’s no giving up now. The behemoth is finally tired, and Willie knows it.

“We gonna ease him back up here and see if we can’t finish him off,” he says as he fishes the line.

And finish of the gator Willie does. His prize? a 250-pound whopper of a gator that’ll make any Swamp People fan proud. Yet it’s not the behemoth he’s been after.

Earlier in the day, Willie saw one of his treble hooks caught in the tail of a monster gator. There’s no treble lodged in this big boy anywhere. But for his last tag of the season, Willie Edwards will happily take a single gator worth over $300.

“That’s a good 11-footer!” he says. “We’ll take it!”

For far more Swamp People goodness, check out the full 43-minute episode above. And as always, stick with your fellow Outsiders for all the latest from one of our favorite shows.