‘Swamp People’: Would Troy Landry Ever Do A Spin-Off Show About Crawfishing?

by Shelby Scott

The last season of the History Channel’s “Swamp People” debuted on the network in January of 2020. It concluded that April, but rumor has it a new season may premiere later in 2021.

However, a 2012 article reveals what a new season could potentially highlight, and, surprisingly, it’s not gator hunting. During an earlier interview, “Swamp People” star Troy Landry said he could definitely see the show take a unique spin on crawfishing.

During the 2012 article with the New York Post, Landry was asked, “Ever think you should do a spinoff about crawfishing?” His response was enthusiastic.

“I really think I could,” he said. “I don’t know if it would be something that would last for years, but I really think I could make an awesome show on fishing crawfish in the swamps.”

The varied settings between alligator hunting versus crawfishing lies primarily in the environment itself. And that’s exactly what Landry thought would attract greater attention to a theoretical spin-off. “Crawfishing is totally different than alligator hunting,” he began. “[When] alligator hunting, you fish the bayous, [but] crawfishing you go straight through the middle of the swamps.”

“Swamp People” fans are dedicated to Landry’s crew and his gator hunting endeavors. However, we’re sure they would definitely go for a change of scenery and an altogether unique approach. Further, any true “Swamp People” fan would have to be down for a trip right through the swamps.

Has Troy Landry Pitched a “Swamp People” Spin-Off?

Unfortunately, even now, the potential for a “Swamp People” spin-off has not been confirmed. Although, it also hasn’t been shot down. Regardless, during his interview, the New York Post asked Landry if he had pitched a spin-off to “Swamp People” producers.

Even then, the answer was no. But it definitely appears the History Channel star would be all for a crawfish-themed spin-off.

His official response was no, but he did say, “I think one day they might mix it up a little bit, put some of that other stuff in [the series].”

He further explained the significance of the show’s title, “Swamp People,” and for long-time fans, his logic makes sense. “I think that’s why they named the show ‘Swamp People,'” Landry began. “Instead of anything to do with gators.” During the time of the interview, Landry said the initial concept for the show was to highlight all different aspects of living in Louisiana‘s bayous, from alligator hunting all the way down to the everyday task of crawfishing.

Originally, Landry said, the “plan was to mix it up a little bit, to show different parts of what we do in the swamp.”

However, based on the initial reactions to “Swamp People,” it appears the alligator hunts were the most popular scenes on the show. Landry shared, “the alligator deal is so big and so hot right now, they’re not even thinking of changing it.”

More than 10 years following the show’s debut, Outsiders can’t help but concur.