‘SWAT’ Star David Lim Said It’s ‘Really Important’ for Show To Work With Law Enforcement

by Samantha Whidden

Following the highly anticipated premiere of SWAT in 2017, David Lim revealed why it was important for the action-packed show to work with actual law enforcement. 

“We worked really hard, and we had some great SWAT officers who really guided us,” Lim declared during his interview with TellTaleTV. “[They] helped us get to where we are and we’re still learning.”

The SWAT castmate further revealed that some of the officers have been in service for twenty to thirty years and the cast had a week to make the show believable. “But it’s something that’s really important to us. We’re always paying real close attention and working with these officers.”

Lim goes on to reveal that the SWAT officers come to the set whenever the cast does anything tactical or they have to do any action sequences. “We’re kind of honoring the guys who do this for real. By making it as real as possible.”

David Lim Describes ‘SWAT’ As A ‘Thrill-Ride’

While speaking to TellTaleTV, David Lim revealed his thoughts about working on the set of SWAT. “A thrill ride with heart,” Lim declared. He also shared where he was when told he had an audition for his SWAT role. 

“I was in New York at the time,” Lim recalled. “And I had just finished filming with Quantico. And I got an appointment to come in and read for SWAT.”

Lim then revealed he actually read for two different roles when he started the audition process for SWAT. “I met with CBS and in New York and did a couple of auditions. And then I moved back to my place here in Los Angeles. The next day, right after I moved back, I went in for a callback for SWAT.”

Lim goes on to share that he met with SWAT director Justin Lin as well as executive producers Shawn Ryan and Aaron Toms. He was then called back for an audition for the show and he thought his chances for actually landing a role on the series were slim. This was mostly due to the character’s description. 

“This was now, I believed my third audition,” Lim continued. “At the time I was reading for a role whose description said he was in his late 40s. So, I knew that I wasn’t the best match for this part. But I wanted to go in and give a good audition.”

Although he didn’t get the role he was reading for, he was still interested in being a part of the project.  He eventually received a call from the series offering him the role of Victor Tan. “About a week later, I got a call from my agent saying that SWAT had cast me in the part of Victor Tan. They offered me a role!”