‘SWAT’: Hondo’s Job Is in Grave Danger

by Taylor Cunningham
Photo: Bill Inoshita/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

From the day that Rodrigo Sanchez took over as squad leader on SWAT, he’s had one ultimate goal—to fire Hondo. And after tonight’s episode, Hondo’s job is in grave danger.

When Sanchez joined team 20 this year, it was immediately evident that he was up to no good. And he had it in for Hondo. Sanchez was able to write Hondo up for insubordination. And that was the second time the former team lead received a demerit. Because SWAT works on a three-strikes system, if Sanchez finds one more reason to dock Hondo, Hondo will have to stand before a court. And if he does, he may lose his badge for good.

The bright side to all this drama is that the rest of the team is starting to realize Sanchez’s intentions. For most of season 5, everyone thought Hondo was being paranoid about Sanchez. Maybe his ego was hurt when the force demoted him after he went to the press about racism within the department. And Hondo was projecting those feelings on his Sanchez.

But now that the other officers see Sanchez for who he really is, they’re willing to help their former leader uncover the truth about their new leader. And even though Hondo isn’t in charge, the team has an allegiance with him over Sanchez. So they’ll do whatever it takes to save Hondo’s job.

‘SWAT’ Star Shemar Moore Reveals How He Felt About Hondo’s Demotion

For four years, Shemar Moore’s Hondo was in charge of the 20-David unit on CBS’s SWAT. But during last year’s season closer, he was demoted.

During an interview with Brieftake, the 51-year-old actor talked about Hondo losing his leadership role, and he admitted that the changeup has been “interesting.”

“It’s interesting. Um, it’s tough. It’s tough for Hondo and it’s interesting for me, Shemar,” he shared. “You get – I’ve worked for 29 years in this game. And I’m very proud of everything that I have accomplished. I’m so grateful to my fans that have supported me and rooted for me and loved to watch me do my thing.”

But Shemar is happy to portray a scorned police officer on television. The demotion may affect Hondo negatively, but the plot twist adds a new and exciting element to the story. And in the end, Shemar wants to do what’s best for the series.

“So, here I find myself, like wait – I’m used to being the guy,” he continued. “I’m used to being the guy in control. Uh, and you know what, I don’t have an ego like that – like wait … they hired another actor to do my job? As long as it’s good for the show and it’s good for the story, and, you know, it’s interesting conflict.”