‘SWAT’ Is ‘Locked’ and ‘Loaded’ in New Photo

by Shelby Scott
Photo: Screengrab/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

“SWAT” star Shemar Moore is never one to disappoint with a good action shot. The beloved actor shared the image to his Instagram Thursday as a reminder to fans to tune in the following night. The image captures an intense and thrilling photo ahead of the upcoming episode. The post, which shows Moore as his iconic character Sgt. Hondo, encapsulates everything Outsiders love about the action-packed CBS show.

The shot appears taken in a hazy setting induced by either smoke or what almost looks like rain. In it, we see Hondo with his firearm locked and loaded as he peers down the scope. The rifle pressed to his cheek, our “SWAT” sergeant is ready to unload whatever he’s got set in the barrel. As always, fans took to the comments to share their love for the show, not to mention the eye-catching actor himself.

“Hondoooo,” one “SWAT” fan commented, followed by several starry-eyed emojis. Several other fans simply wrote, “I love you,” with a collection of affectionate emojis following. Others expressed their excitement ahead of the new episode.

“Hondo is…Large and IN CHARGE,” a “SWAT” fan admired beneath the photo. Simultaneously, another excited fan shared, “Ready as ever,” in response to the actor’s caption.

For all new things “SWAT,” be sure to check back here Outsiders and head on over to CBS on Friday nights regarding the latest Hondo action pieces.

Shemar Moore Cracks a Smile Behind the Scenes of “SWAT”

“SWAT” fans well know that when it comes to catching the perps, Sgt. Hondo is nothing if not serious. Frequently, shots from the set capture Hondo’s actor straight-faced and, often, locked and loaded on the next big bust or blow up.

However, on a rare occasion, the actor shared photos to his Instagram that capture his bright white smile.

Back to it,” Moore writes in the caption, encouraging followers to check out the latest episodes of “SWAT” on Fridays.

As always, “SWAT” fans shared tons of heart and fire emojis, as the images capture several of the star’s bright captivating grins.

“[A]lways on the grind!!” commented one of Moore’s followers. Others promised to tune in to the newest episode, with fans from the UK anxious for the latest season of “SWAT.”

Nevertheless, what makes Moore’s smiles within the photos even more captivating than usual is the fact that he dons a certain lightheartedness that he doesn’t always get to on screens. “SWAT” no doubt puts the actor in serious situations more often than not, so when fans saw the actor donning a bright grin is one of his most recent Instagram posts, it makes sense they flocked to the comment to share their love for both the Hondo actor and “SWAT” itself.

If you didn’t already catch the reminder, be sure to tune into CBS on Friday nights at 8 p.m.