‘SWAT’ Star Shemar Moore is All Smiles in New Photos from Hondo’s Reunion with ‘The Squad’

by Matthew Memrick

After all the Mexican drama, “SWAT” star Shemar Moore posted some photos in his character’s return home and reunion with “The Squad.” And that pearly white smile shows that relief.

And he even posted about how it was to be back in the U.S.

His fans also took notice on Twitter.

Moore’s character, Daniel “Hondo” Harrelson, did some rescuing, had some fun, did some soul searching, and now he’s back to sunny California.

With the third episode of the season, titled “27 David,” coming this Friday, we’re sure fans will love seeing Moore walk along the city streets again.

Not to give too much away for the episode, but Moore and ‘the squad’ go after a robbery crew that takes over the downtown Los Angeles library. 

They learn that stolen architectural drawings could increase a significant threat against the city. Add that with the arrival of longtime LAPD vet and former SWAT member Rodrigo Sanchez (DeSantos), and this week’s episode is sure to be a blast. Will Sanchez take over The Squad? We’ll have to wait to find out.

‘SWAT’ Friday Move A Good Thing

The decision to move the CBS show to Friday nights may have been a good move.

TVLine reported that “SWAT” had its largest audience since the Season 3 finale in May 2020. Though the “Vagabundo” episode had 4.7 million total viewers with a 0.4. demo rating, the show was up 82 percent in viewers from before. 

And the second episode, “Madrugada,” did even better with 4.94 average viewers. 

But the show won’t be in that time slot for long.

With “SEAL Team” moving to the Paramount+ network after four episodes this season, “SWAT” is moving to its Sunday night time slot. 

It’s a risky move, but Friday nights are kind of where shows go to die. So it’ll be good to see “SWAT” move again.

Hulk Connection In ‘SWAT’ Episode 2 

Actor Lou Ferrigno Jr. played Rocker in a recent “SWAT” episode. 

The former model, fitness trainer, and college football player has had various roles and a few upcoming movies on the horizon.

Ferrigno Jr. has followed in his dad’s acting footsteps. 

Lou Ferrigno played the “Hulk” on the classic series, “The Incredible Hulk.” For the show, his son took on the role of a deputy sheriff.

Ferrigno Jr. told Fox 5 that acting in “SWAT” came naturally.

“I was a former college football player. I consider myself highly athletic and highly adaptable in these situations, and I’ve grown up with my father as a deputy sheriff. So, law enforcement is something I’ve been surrounded with my life,” Ferrigno Jr. said.

Moore Gets A ‘SWAT’ Cornhole Assist 

It looks like the “SWAT” cornhole team got a gift recently.

ACL pro cornhole player Ryan Windsor sent the players some of his Windsor bags, and the teams appreciated the gesture.

They posted some bags with a cornhole board, and we can all be sure they’ll get some good use. Over the summer, the league has posted some videos and photos from games.

At one point, Moore performed a dangerous stunt of laying on a board with bags getting thrown at him. It was all the fun, however.