‘S.W.A.T’ Star Shemar Moore Burns Out, Drifts in Police Car in Badass Season 5 Set Video

by Leanne Stahulak

“S.W.A.T.” star Shemar Moore showed off his killer driving skills in an awesome behind-the-scenes video on the Season 5 set.

Moore posted the badass video to his Instagram page yesterday, asking followers to “Name a better show to work on… I’ll wait.” We know the actor loves what he does on “S.W.A.T.”, and you can see the joy in his face after he gets out of the car in the video.

But before that, Shemar Moore gives us a surprising tease of what it’s like to film those epic car chase scenes from a production standpoint. At the beginning of the clip, Moore sprints for a police cruiser and hops in. But then the clip jumps to Moore in a different car. This one’s all decked out in camera equipment and safety gear.

We see a camera attached to the hood right by the driver’s seat. A camera’s also on top of the car, being manned by a person sitting in this wild-looking seat. They’re surrounded by bars in a sort of cage, probably to protect them if the car flips or lands on its side. Finally, we get to see Shemar Moore in action.

He zips through this parking lot in the middle of the desert, parallel to another car without a camera set-up. When he hits the end of a line of cones, Moore whips that camera car around in a perfect drift, smoke billowing from the tires in a burnout too. The video goes slo-mo, creating an awesome action movie effect.

“We’re over here doin’ THANGS on @swatcbs 💯 LET’S GO!!!!!!!!!” Shemar Moore captioned the post.

We can’t wait to see Moore and all our other “S.W.A.T.” favorites on-screen again on Friday, Oct. 1 on CBS.

‘S.W.A.T.’ Actor Shemar Moore Balances Being a Badass and a Sweetheart

When he’s not posting incredible behind-the-scenes videos from the “S.W.A.T.” set, Shemar Moore likes to remind us all how sweet he is. We saw his wholesomeness come through in a recent Instagram post to celebrate his late mother’s birthday.

According to the post, she was born on Sept. 6, 1943, and passed away on Feb. 8, 2020, at the age of 76.

“HAPPY BDAY to the most Incredible woman I have ever known, loved, and been spanked by as a badass kid, and taught by, believed in, and loved by so thoroughly and purely,” Shemar Moore wrote in his caption. “I am the man I am because of Marilyn Joan Wilson-Moore…. MOMMA DUKES.”

Moore then shared a sweet tidbit about their relationship with each other.

“She would always say to me….. ‘Shemaaaa, I was in the front of the line when God was handing out sons’….. and I would say back to her… ‘Naw Ma, I cut the line to get to YOU’!!!!” Moore continued. “MOM, I know your up there puff puff passing, sipping on your wine, and shaking your moneymaker celebrating yo ass off!!! I LOVE YOU n MISS YOU ALWAYS n FOREVER.”

Nothing sweeter than a son doting on his beloved mom.