‘S.W.A.T.’ Star Shemar Moore and the Cast Hilariously Botch Lines in New Blooper Reel

by Michael Freeman

While the show is known for its drama and intense scenes, the “S.W.A.T.” set can be lighthearted according to a recent video. Showing Shemar Moore and his costars forgetting or completely messing up their lines, a new blooper reel will have you laughing as much as the cast was.

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The clip highlights Moore forgetting his lines or messing them up. However, a bit of salty language and a cameraman completely killing the mood of a scene balance it out. The video certainly functions as a funny contrast to the typically serious nature of the show.

Fans seem incredibly receptive to the video Moore shared on Instagram, with the post already having more than 140,000 views. Perhaps Moore should heed the advice many of his followers jokingly provided and “read the script” a bit more thoroughly.

Shemar Moore Reveals Difficulties Of Filming ‘S.W.A.T.’ In Recent Times

Between the pandemic and social issues, things are certainly more difficult than they used to be. Shemar Moore recently revealed the issues of filming “S.W.A.T.” amid increased health restrictions and real-world problems.

Regarding COVID, Moore explains “it’s a little strange. We’re making it happen and I’m very proud. I got the information that we were the first show to come back as far as network television; the first one-hour drama to come back.”

Moore goes on to say cast members are rigorously tested for COVID. While it was originally supposed to happen three times a week, it occurs practically every day.

“It’s different, you got all these regulations, we’re getting COVID tested constantly. It was supposed to be three days a week but literally because “S.W.A.T.” is so hands-on with the action, cops chasing bad guys, and wrestling bad guys to the ground that we get tested pretty much every day. I’ve been getting a little q-tip up my nose then I have to spit into a cup. Before we show up to work, we get our temperature taken; it’s different.”

In a recent interview with Stack, the actor also touched upon problems in the real world and how the show isn’t meant to fix them all.

“A TV show can’t fix the problems that are going on in the United States and around the world,” Moore bluntly said in the interview. Despite that, he continues “but it can create a different mindset if people really want a chance at faith, hope, and a belief of a better, safer, united place, all the while having a good time.”

If the Season 5 previews of “S.W.A.T.” are anything to go by, October 1 should give everyone that “good time” Moore mentioned.