‘S.W.A.T.’ Star Shemar Moore Reveals Fiery New Look at Season 5: VIDEO

by Taylor Cunningham

The countdown is on. Only two weeks until we get to watch all-new episodes of S.W.A.T. Isn’t fall premiere season great?

The season four finale of S.W.A.T. left us with a lot of questions and a lot of angst. Chris and Street finally got to the point and confessed their feelings for each other. But Street was about to go under the knife for a liver transplant, and Chris was about to head to Germany. She offered to stay in the US with Street, but he’s way too great of a guy to let her hold back her career. So, that leaves us wondering what happened while the two were doing the long-distance thing.

Then Hondo got demoted after he went to the press to talk about racism, and it sparked major protests around the city. And Hondo didn’t take that news lightly. So, we’re waiting to see how that played out.

Well, all those questions will be answered starting next month. And Shemar Moore is just as excited as we are. Yesterday he dropped a teaser for the year ahead, and it looks so good.

“Homies, Fans, n Baby Girls!!! @swatcbs is back FRIDAY OCT 1st on CBS. GET READY,” he wrote alongside an explosive video. And we mean that literally. There are explosives in the trailer. But what would you expect?

“Who missed us,” officer street asks just after the S.W.A.T. teaser kicks off. Oh, only about 4 million viewers, that’s who.

The trailer shows a lot of action ahead for viewers. And we also see a clip of Shemar’s character Hondo horseback and completely decked out in some cowboy garb. Maybe there was a career change for the former squad leader. Let’s hope not.

S.W.A.T. Star Shemar Moore on His Role of Hondo

S.W.A.T. star Shemar Moore said that channeling the character of Hondo was more challenging than it looks. In an interview with Stack.com, he told fans that he really had to “step up” for the role.

More notably, he had to dig up some new, raw emotions. “I have had to step up my intensity, emotional range, and leadership capabilities because I am the lead of the show,” he said.

In real life, being a squad leader would come with a lot of pressure and even more responsibility. The life of each squad member would be in his hands.

“But I’m having a lot of fun rising to the challenge, and the action is so thrilling and the stunts so fun to do that we are like big kids playing cops and robbers,” he added.

Moore also had to step it up physically. Meaning, he had to build a lot of muscle. Moore didn’t want people thinking of his previous character, Derek Morgan of Criminal Minds, when he was chasing bad guys in LA. So, he had a complete transformation.

“Physically I gained 12-15 pounds to have the certain presence that I felt Hondo needed because I definitely wanted to have a different presence than I did on Criminal Minds, but also the mindset of S.W.A.T.”