‘SWAT’ Star Shemar Moore Teases Intense Conflict Over New Leadership

by Taylor Cunningham
Photo: Screengrab/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

On last week’s SWAT, we met the team’s new leader. And Shemar Moore is teasing that his replacement isn’t fitting in well.

We’re a few episodes into season five of SWAT, and Hondo’s demotion is holding strong. But his loyal squad is standing behind their sage former leader. And when the city tried to promote Deacon, he refused the position. So an outsider was called in.

So last week, the team met their new boss, Officer Rodrigo Sanchez. However, Sanchez isn’t an entirely new face. Both Hondo and Deacon worked with him in the past.

Officer Sanchez got his first stress-filled test as squad leader when he took the team to a shootout in a factory downtown. But since old habits die hard, Hondo fell right back into his old role. And he found himself trying to call out orders alongside Sanchez. But in the end, the new leader ended up catching the bad guy, and he made it clear that the squad takes orders from him now.

However, drama seems to be brewing because a few of the officers think there is something sinister about Sanchez’s return. And according to Shemar Moore’s recent Instagram post, tensions are going to rise next week.

“Hondo’s not too thrilled with the new leadership… how y’all feeling?!” he asked. “Tune in for an all new #SWAT this Friday 8/7c”

‘SWAT’ Star Shemar Moore Says Showrunner Was Inspired by Clint Eastwood

If you watched the first couple of episodes of SWAT, you may have gotten a Clint Eastwood vibe from Hondo. And according to Shemar Moore, that’s exactly what the showrunner was going for.

On an episode of The Talk, Moore admitted that the two-hour premiere of SWAT was inspired by Clint Eastwood’s Pale Rider because showrunner Shawn Ryan loves Eastwood.

“So of course, I said, well, I don’t look like Clint Eastwood so maybe we should call it Bronze Rider, ” Moore joked. “I’m just sayin.’”

In the episode, Hondo is feeling his demotion hard. So he flew to Mexico to escape the city and all the emotions surrounding the events of season four’s closer. But instead of finding time to reflect and heal, he meets some land stealing criminals and a few new friends.

“What you’re going to see (Friday) is a wonderful story,” Moore said of the SWAT premiere. “Hondo is kind of in a different mode, kind of brooding, trying to figure out his purpose, if he has a purpose, what he’s been doing all this time, was it even worth it. You also get to see Hondo on a horse. You also get to see me out there. I was getting my cowboy on.”