Sylvester Stallone Hilariously Let’s ‘Secret Out of the Bag’ in Behind the Scenes ‘Rocky III’ Pic

by Suzanne Halliburton

As Rocky, Sylvester Stallone mostly played the underdog. And during the third installment of the legendary franchise, call him an enhanced underdog.

Stallone shared a behind-the-scenes snapshot of filming Rocky III. You remember that storyline, right? Sylvester Stallone, as Rocky Balboa, finally won the world championship. And he was off his game. He didn’t have the edge. Rocky was the hunted, not the hunter.

So Clubber Lang (Mr. T) knocked off Rocky in the ring. That set the plot in motion in which Rocky reignites his competitive fire by working with Apollo Creed, his one-time boxing enemy.

On Instagram Thursday night, Stallone tossed it back to 1982 to let his followers in on a little secret. Something was amiss in his exhibition match with Thunderlips (Hulk Hogan).

Sylvester Stallone was playful in his caption:

“Might as well let another secret out of the bag before the release of Rocky IV.”

Take a look at the photo. Can you spot the “secret” in this photo?

Sylvester Stallone Fought Mr. T and Hulk Hogan in Rocky III

The Rocky movies are all about boxing, the sport of kings. But in Rocky III, Rocky crossed paths with other athletes — like Hulk Hogan as the world wrestling champion Thunderlips. Remember him? He was the “Ultimate Male,” and the “Ultimate Object of Desire.” Thunderlips also could do the ultimate hyperbole. Thunderlips already was a hulking presence in the ring. Hogan was 6-foot-7. But if it was possible, he needed to appear even more intimidating.

When Hogan filmed a closeup of the fight scene, he was standing on a box lid. Then there was poor, outmatched Rocky Balboa. As Sylvester Stallone pointed out, he’s 5-10. No fair!

Some of Sly’s followers noticed the box, immediately, and laughed along with Stallone. Others were wondering WTH. One posted “I’m confused at what I’m supposed to be looking at.”

So the Sylvester Stallone fans kindly pointed it out. “Hogan is standing on a box to make him look even taller up against Rocky.”

Another posted: “Why the apple box? Has my whole life been a lie?”

Now that Stallone piqued your interest in Rocky III — or any of his movies — would you like a souvenir for your man cave? The star is downsizing at home and is putting a bunch of his memorabilia up for auction.

The red boxing gloves Rocky used to fight Clubber Lang in Rocky III may be the most coveted item in the auction, which is set for December in London. Sylvester Stallone is selling more than 500 items, including some of the star’s personal, handwritten notes from his Rocky movies. There also will be a host of scripts, props, and costumes available. The auction is expected to generate about $1.5 million.

Previously, Stallone preserved other items for history. Stallone donated Rocky memorabilia to the Smithsonian Museum of American History. The items included a robe from the original Rocky, gloves from Rocky II and shorts and shoes from Rocky III.

Maybe someone should dig out the Thunderlips box. Betting that’s worth some bucks, too.