Sylvester Stallone ‘Ready to Pass the Baton’ After Last Day Filming ‘Expendables 4’

by Josh Lanier

Sylvester Stallone said he’s “ready to accept the next challenge” as his time with the Expendables franchise comes to an end. The Rocky star said he’ll “pass the baton” to another star to lead the franchise going forward.

Sylvester Stallone spent the past several weeks sharing some behind-the-scenes looks from filming. But on Friday, he shared a more introspective post as he finished filming his scenes on Expendables 4. He co-wrote and directed the first movie in the series and nurtured it into one of the biggest action franchises in the world. Now, Jason Statham will star in the series as Stallone said he’s stepping back.

“This will be my last day. So, I’m enjoying it,” he says in the Instagram video. “It’s always bittersweet when something you’ve been so attached to for 12 years.

“The greatest thing is to be able to provide films that are somewhat entertainment and maybe there’s a little message in there. What I try to convey in my successful films is the human touch — the bond, not so much the action. … Just providing escapism and hopefully there’s a little something extra in there.”

This is the first installment in the series in seven years. Not much is known about the plot so far, but Expendables 4 will carry on the action schlock that audiences love.

Jason Statham, Dolph Lundgren, Randy Couture, Kellen Lutz, and Sylvester Stallone will all reprise their roles in the series. Megan Fox will co-star. Tony Jaa, Curtis Jackson aka 50 Cent, and Andy Garcia will also join the ensemble cast this time around, The Hollywood Reporter said.

They began filming at the end of September.

Return of ‘Expendables’ Has Fans Split

Sylvester Stallone created the Expendables as an homage to the action movies of the 1980s and 90s. The films have made hundreds of millions bringing together some of the biggest stars of that era. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, Mel Gibson, Harrison Ford, and many others have played roles in the series.

But it’s been seven years since the last Expendables. And a lot of the stars of these films are reaching retirement age. So, the idea of another film in the series has some fans worried.

“This is a movie for males over the age of 45 so they should cast accordingly:) Danny Glover. Danny Trejo or any Danny over the age of 60. Even Kane Hodder. Michael Ironside. Carl Weathers. Really anyone that Rocky has fought,” one person posted.

Passing the series off to a younger group of action stars is probably the smartest move to ensure there will be more in the future. But that will depend on younger audiences going to see the movies in theaters.