Sylvester Stallone Reveals Movie Icon He ‘Would’ve Loved to Have Met’ in New Pics With Their Statue

by Josh Lanier

Sylvester Stallone has worked with some of the biggest and most famous stars in Hollywood, but there is one actor from a different era he wishes he could meet.

Stallone posted a photo to Instagram sitting on a bench next to a statue of Charlie Chaplin. But unfortunately for Sly, the United States effectively exiled the comedy legend from the country in 1953. Stallone would have been 7 then.

“This is one artist I would’ve loved to have met. I always thought that Charlie Chaplin’s “Little Tramp” always reminded me a little of a Rocky … ( maybe it was the Hat?),” he captioned the pic.

The statue appears to be the one outside of the Bradbury Building in Los Angeles, though there are multiple statues of Charlie Chaplin around the world. That’s because, during the height of his career, Chaplin was one of the most famous people on the planet.

His physical style of comedy and brilliant writing was unmatched. It’s why his movies still hold up today in the Marvel era. Films spend millions on CGI to create memorable movie moments. Chaplin only needed a couple of potatoes and forks or a pair of roller skates.

But he was also one of the few silent film stars that survived the move to modern films with dialogue. In fact, most film historians consider one of Chaplin’s “talkies,” “The Great Dictator,” which was an attack on Adolf Hitler, as one of the greatest movies ever made.

Though his reputation and image were destroyed during the 1950s when federal officials accused the British-born Chaplin of communist sympathies during the Red Scare, and he was blacklisted from Hollywood, Biography said. Chaplin denied being a communist. During this period the FBI spied on him looking for evidence of any communist support, and when he left America to screen his film Limelight in London, US officials revoked his re-entry visa into the US in 1953. He spent the rest of his life living in Switzerland.

He died in 1977 at the age of 88.

Sylvester Stallone Happy ‘Rocky’ Fight Ranked No. 1

Rotten Tomatoes ranked the Rocky versus Apollo Creed fight in Rocky the greatest fight in cinema history. Sylvester Stallone posted about the achievement on Instagram.

“Very proud that ROTTEN TOMATOES has chosen Rocky versus Apollo Creed as the greatest fight scene in the history of cinema! It has been an incredible honor to have created this character and The joy it has brought for decades.! But ROCKY VS DRAGO COMING this November, to me was is the hardest accomplishment of all … KEEP PUNCHING! #carlweathers. #dolphlungren #mgm,” he captioned the photo.

Many consider Rocky one of the best sports movies in film history and rightfully so. Though, Sylvester Stallone struggled to get the film made. Not for lack of interest, studios were willing to pay big for the script that Stallone wrote, but they didn’t want Stallone to star in it.

Despite needing the money, Stallone made his starring role a condition of the sale. One production company finally relented and bought the script, though they kept the budget low. Stallone was nominated for two Oscars for writing and best actor, and the film won Best Picture and Best Director.