Sylvester Stallone Talks ‘Tulsa King’s Atypical Mobster Being Trenched in ‘Rural America’

by Blake Ells

Tulsa King is arriving soon, and the cast and crew are giving us a new peak behind-the-scenes. In a new featurette posted to Paramount’s YouTube, Taylor Sheridan and Terence Winter joined stars of the show like Sylvester Stallone to talk about what we can expect. It’s quite a premise for a show – dropping a New York mobster into the middle of America.

You can check out the entire video below.

Tulsa King is a story about a fella that comes out of the depths of Brooklyn,” Stallone begins. “He’s a man that’s very loyal to a code.”

Sylvester Stallone portrays Dwight “The General” Manfredi. He spent 25 years in prison. Now, he’s out. But he owes his boss a favor.

“This is a man that’s kept his mouth shut in the joint for 25 years,” he says. “No one could believe it. Coming out, he expects to be rewarded. But no, he’s sent to Tulsa.”

He has to establish the mob in Oklahoma City. “You serious?” Manfredi asks his boss in a clip from the show.

Terence Winter serves as the showrunner for the show. He is the co-creator alongside Sheridan. He’s responsible for The Sopranos and The Wolf of Wall Street.

“Oh my God,” Stallone says of Tulsa King. “Welcome to rural America.”

“The cast is not from here, so we all related to Dwight,” said co-star Andrea Savage. “We’ve all been thrown into Oklahoma and we’re all fish out of water.”

Dwight is an elder statesman. And he’s starting anew in a place that’s unfamiliar.

“The guy is having to start a new life when most people think that life is over,” Stallone says. “He goes out West and now he’s building a whole new family.”

Sylvester Stallone Set to Debut ‘Tulsa King’

Then, Sylvester elaborates more about the “family.”

“They’re not gangsters, they’re just every day people,” he says. “That’s a whole different paradigm.”

After he arrives, Dwight sets about town to find a crew. He meets a lot of interesting characters along the way in Tulsa King.

“He starts to bring together these groups of misfits,” Stallone says. “The one missing piece is his daughters. But there’s also a lot of guys that are trying to put me away. They cover so many subjects. It has heart, it has humor, every actor in it is fantastic. It hits the entire spectrum of entertainment. There will be moments of joyousness, there will be moments of tears. There will be moments you ask, ‘Will he go gangster on you?’ Yes, definitely. And that’s where the fun begins.”

The clips are stunning. The show has tons of action. And it looks like we’ll laugh a bit along the way, too. We can’t wait for the show to arrive. It’ll be a nice complement to the Taylor Sheridan universe. Tulsa King debuts on Paramount+ on November 13.