Sylvester Stallone Throwing His Hat Into the NFT Ring

by Allison Hambrick
NEW YORK, NY - JANUARY 05: Actor Sylvester Stallone attends the 2015 National Board of Review Gala at Cipriani 42nd Street on January 5, 2016 in New York City. (Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images)

Like many others, legendary actor Sylvester Stallone is joining in on the NFT craze. He is launching his own limited edition collection, called the PlanetSly NFT collection.

The PlanetSly NFT collection includes 9,997 NFTs, which all celebrate the actor’s life and career. According to Deadline, purchasing an NFT from the collection will grant the owner exclusive perks. These include: “varying levels of the ability to interact with Stallone, including a dinner, virtual movie screening, exclusive events and more, offering unique access to one of Hollywood’s big global stars.”

He also announced the collection on his social media with a video.

“I love connecting with my fans,” said the actor. “After all, we’ve been together what? Fifty years, and we’re tight. I’m so excited to tell you about SLYguys, my new NFT collection. Every NFT is unique. Over 200 incredible attributes like boxing gloves and crazy weapons… Or even my large dog. All inspired by my lifelong love of art and comic books. These NFTs are so much more than just visual collectibles. SLYguys have a roadmap that goes the distance, all the way. We’re gonna have awesome merch exclusives for my SLYguys community. And get this, your SLYguy NFT is your membership to real life events with me.”

He continued on to encourage fans to check out for more information on how they can join the “SLYguys.”

Sylvester Stallone Discusses Working With Taylor Sheridan

Recently, Sylvester Stallone revealed that he is working on a television series with Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan. Called Tulsa King, it is Stallone’s first starring role on the small screen. As for why he agreed to do television, Stallone explained he wanted to work with Sheridan.

“He’s bringing back a kind of rugged individualism that has been sorely lacking,” Stallone said of Sheridan. He then added: “Every time I see a gangster-type film, I think, ‘I can do that.’ ”

The series will stream on Paramount+, also home to Sheridan’s other television series 1883 and 1932. David Glasser, CEO of the production company behind Tulsa King, said: “Taylor is a prolific creator because of the multi-dimensional characters he creates and the complex worlds he builds. To be able to have the legendary Sylvester playing one of these characters is truly a privilege.”

When the series was announced, Stallone shared a brief synopsis: “Tulsa King is a very interesting story. He’s a lifetime gangster. He took the fall for his bosses and went to prison for 25 years, kept his mouth shut, and now he comes out. Next thing you know, he’s in Tulsa. So, he has to now start a new life, create a gang, because they want him to be an earner, and that’s when the fun begins.”

Additionally, Sheridan said he was equally as enthused with Stallone’s casting.

“I want to go get movie stars,” explained Sheridan. “An opportunity to work with someone like Stallone, it just follows this model.”