‘The Talk’: Here’s Where the Show’s TV Ratings Stand Since Sharon Osbourne’s Exit

by Josh Lanier

The Talk seems to be falling on deaf ears since Sharon Osbourne left the show in late March. The daytime talk show’s ratings continue to slide. The show’s direct competitor, The View, remains the ratings leader, despite its own controversies.

Sharon Osbourne had been with the show for 11 years, longer than any of the other current hosts. She was the show’s de facto leader. But after a heated on-air argument between her and co-host Sheryl Underwood, Osbourne decided to walk away from The Talk.

Since then, the show’s ratings have fallen 14 percent, according to Yahoo. From Sept. 21, 2020, through March 14, The Talk — with Osbourne — averaged 1.509 million daily viewers. The show took a hiatus to “evolve” and returned in April. Since then, the show has averaged 1.305 million total viewers, a loss of 204,000 each day.

However, The Wrap reported The Talk was already in trouble before Osbourne’s exit. The show’s total viewership was down 27 percent from the previous season. Her exit is only compounding matters for the show.

Osbourne decided to leave the show after standing up for controversial British newsman Piers Morgan. Morgan had called out former princess Meghan Markle after her tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey where she slammed the British royal family and the culture surrounding it. Critics called his comments insensitive and racist, which is what upset Osbourne.

However, Sheryl Underwood took issue with her siding with Morgan. After a heated back and forth, and off-screen drama, Osbourne, the last remaining original host, left the show.

She told Bill Maher on Real Time with Bill Maher, “I’ve been called so many things in my life,” she says. “I am so used to being called names, but a racist, this is one I will not take.”

Ozzy Defends His Wife After The Talk Drama

Ozzy Osbourne defended his wife Sharon Osbourne on his Sirius XM show “Ozzy’s Boneyard, according to USA Today. He told co-host, Billy Morrison, that she’s “been through the mill of it” since The Talk drama began.

He also was upset that people were labeling Sharon a racist.

“If my wife was slightly racist, I’ll tell you she is possibly the most unracist person I’ve ever met,” the 72-year-old singer said. “I’m not just saying that, you know?” 

Ozzy Osbourne said his wife has “weathered the storm” and is “marching on.”

“It’s still unpleasant. Once you’re accused of it people tie you with that brush and it’s very hard to shake off,” he said.