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Tammy Wynette Once Saved Burt Reynolds’ Life During Medical Emergency in Her Bathtub

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: Michael Putland/ Getty Images

Country singer Tammy Wynette once had to save actor Burt Reynolds’s life after suffering a medical emergency in her bathtub.

Burt Reynolds was known as a casanova during his time in Hollywood. With the iconic mustache, women flocked to be near the sex symbol. One of the lucky women to briefly steal Reynold’s heart was country singer Tammy Wynette.

For a time in the 1970s, Reynolds and Wynette had a short-lasting romance. It was during this time that she saved his life.

Tammy Wynette Heroically Rescues Burt Reynolds

The story of the heroic singer first hit the news in 1991 by the Associated Press. Wide Open Country later covered the event.

In 1976, Tammy Wynette was walking around her Florida residence when she entered the bathroom. Upon entering the room, she found Burt Reynold’s head fully submerged under the water in the bathtub.

Wynette, standing at only 5’2″, jumped into action and pulled the grown man from the water.

It turns out that Burt Reynolds had passed out while bathing. If not for Tammy Wynette’s quick rescue or her entrance into the bathroom, the Hollywood star would have drowned.

Burt Reynolds saw a doctor for the issue and was diagnosed with low blood sugar. The doctor indicated that is probably what caused him to faint in the tub.

Personal Lives

According to Classic Country Music, the two shared a love for country. Wynette, who is referred to as the “First Lady of Country Music,” released her hit “Stand by Your Man” in 1969.

Despite the common interest, Burt Reynold and Tammy Wynette’s relationship didn’t last.

Burt Reynold went on to date a plethora of notable women, although, in an interview, he once said he let the love of his life slip away. The lucky woman was his on-and-off girlfriend and actress, Sally Field. The two appeared in four films together.

Reynold died in September of 2018 at the age of 82.

Tammy Wynette, however, married five men throughout her life. One of the men, being famous singer George Jones.

Wynette also unfortunately passed on in April of 1998. She was only 55 at the time.

In addition, she suffered from serious health problems throughout her life, including 26 major surgeries.

Tammy Wynette is succeeded by her four daughters, Tamala Georgette Jones, Jackie Daly, Gwendolyn Lee Byrd, Tina Denise Byrd.