Tanya Roberts, ‘That ’70s Show’ Actress and ‘Bond’ Girl, Dead at 65

by Clayton Edwards

Tanya Roberts, the actress best known for her roles in “That 70s Show” and “A View to a Kill” has died after a brief hospitalization. The actress was 65.

The former Bond girl collapsed on Christmas Eve after walking her dogs. She was then hospitalized and placed on a ventilator. She passed away on January third at Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles. According to a CBS report, Roberts did not appear to be ill in the days leading up to her collapse. All that is known about her cause of death at this time is that it was not related to COVID-19.

Looking back on Tanya Roberts’ Career

While Tanya Roberts is best known for her roles in “A View to a Kill” and “That 70s Show,” her career was long. Her roles are as numerous as they are varied. Her acting career started with a starring role in the 1976 film “The Last Victim,” also known as “Forced Entry,” ten years before stepping into the role of a Bond girl. In the intervening years, she took several roles in TV and film. Some of these roles include appearances on “The Love Boat” and “Fantasy Island.” She also starred in the final season of “Charlie’s Angels”.

Tanya Roberts starred in several films that would go on to be cult classics. The popularity of these movies endures to this day. She was in both “The Beastmaster” (1982) and “Tourist Trap” (1979). Both films have been released on Blu-ray in recent years.

Tanya Roberts flawlessly took on a wide variety of roles. From the small screen to the silver screen, Roberts was not afraid to step into any role. Besides her iconic performance alongside Roger Moore, she starred in everything from gritty exploitation films to family friendly television shows.

Roberts’ passing marks not only the loss of a Bond girl and beloved sitcom mom, but also a talent that spanned several decades, genres, and formats. Her combination of talent and range, as well as her undeniable beauty, does not come along every day. Tanya Roberts will be missed by fans and colleagues alike.