Tawny Kitaen’s Family Holds Intimate Memorial Service for the Late Icon

by Matthew Wilson

Music video legend Tawny Kitaen was commemorated in a ceremony. The actor’s family held an intimate memorial service for the 1980s icon.

All of Kitaen’s closest family and friends gathered to pay tribute to her life and mourn her passing. Kitaen’s brother confirmed the memorial service to TMZ. The family held the private occasion on Monday (May 24th). In total, around 100 people attended the event to pay their respects. For the memorial service, they held the ceremony at Kitaen’s ex-husband Chuck Finley’s Newport Beach home.

The family printed up programs commemorating Kitaen’s life. They described the actor as a “loving mother, daughter, sister, friend, artist … and now our angel.”

Additionally, Kitaen’s nephew Leo performed “Let It Be” on violin for her memory. Likewise, her friend Victoria Shaw also sang a rendition of “Never Alone” as well. After Kitaen’s death, she asked that her remains be cremated. But the family has not decided on a final resting place for the ashes.

Tawny Kitaen Passed Away

Tawny Kitaen passed away almost a month ago on May 7th. The actor was 59-years-old at the time of her death. Kitaen rose to fame in the 1980s for starring in a series of White Snake music videos, most notably “Here I Go Again.”

She later transitioned into acting for film and also television, appearing in the classic comedy “Bachelor Party” opposite Tom Hanks. In recent years, Kitaen battled drug addiction and starred in a number of reality TV programming. Since her death, her brother Jordan has opened up about his sister’s recent struggles with grief.

Jordan believes his sister died of a broken heart after their father passed away on April 12th. He had been battling skin cancer at the time but eventually succumbed to the disease. Jordan also said that Kitaen and her father were extremely close. And in the weeks leading up to her death, she had been under an extraordinary amount of stress.

But authorities still don’t know the cause of Kitaen’s death. Results of an autopsy are pending. But Jordan said police didn’t find any signs of a drug overdose or that Kitaen had taken her own life. Meanwhile, Kitane’s two daughters honored her in a public statement.

“We are heartbroken and saddened to announce the death of our mom,” the statement read. “We just want to say thank you for all of you, her fans and her friends, for always showing her such support and love. You gave her life everyday. We miss her and love her and we know her legacy will live on forever.”