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Taylor Swift Quotes Michael Scott From ‘The Office’ in Regards to Recent Grammy Nominations

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for MTV)

Taylor Swift made a socially-distanced appearance on ABC’s “Good Morning America” today. She and host George Stephanopoulos discussed her latest album, concert film on Disney+, and recent Grammy nominations.

The 10-time Grammy winner has received six new nominations including Best Album. Early in the conversation, Stephanopoulos asked Swift how it felt to be closing in on Stevie Wonder and Frank Sinatra for most Best Album wins. In regards to those records, Swift replied that she did not want to jinx anything. “To quote Michael Scott from ‘The Office’, I’m not superstitious but I am a little stitious.”

Taylor Swift Has an Impressive Collection of Awards

Swift’s collection of awards does not stop at her already-impressive ten Grammy awards. She has received more Billboard Awards than any other female artist. The 30-year-old singer-songwriter has also won several awards from both the Academy of County Music and the Country Music Association. Swift also holds seven Guinness World Records.

Swift’s latest album helped her to achieve one of those Guinness Records. Upon release, it broke the record for single-day streams on Spotify. Fans listened to “Folklore” over 80 million times in the first twenty-four hours. This doesn’t take into account the millions of streams on iTunes.

“Folklore on Disney+”

Swift surprised fans with an intimate concert film showcasing her record-breaking album “Folklore”. Taylor and her collaborators recorded the album remotely due to COVID-19. For the same reason, she could not tour to support the album. The Disney+ concert film will not only allow fans to see the songs performed live but also give the musicians a chance to play them together for the first time. Fans and fellow artists have shown excitement for the film.

See for Yourself

You can watch Swift talk about her nominations, creating the album in quarantine, and more in her latest “Good Morning America” appearance.