Taylor Swift Reveals Stories Behind Two New Bonus Tracks From ‘Evermore’ Album

by Atlanta Northcutt

As Taylor Swift continues to open her heart and bleed it dry, there is always a part in one of her songs someone can connect to. Especially once she reveals the backstories of how and why she constructed the music piece into what it is. She explains the stories behind her two new bonus tracks from her famous album Evermore.

Even More from Evermore: The Deluxe Album

On Friday, she described the first bonus track “right where you left me” in a tense, aggressive, and matter-of-fact way. Listeners are given their own chance to interpret the words and emotions that come with the lyrics and melodies.

Taylor Swift Digs Deep to Find “Right Where You Left Me”

The song describes a girl who figuratively stays in a place that isn’t healthy for her heart or mind, but she continues to wait for the one she loves to return. It seems as though she’s frozen in time from the moment her world fell apart as she lost the person she loved. She becomes cold and hardened, taking the place inside of her hostage as somewhere to mourn her loss and feel incapable of moving forward.

“Right where you left me/ You left me no, you left me no/ You left me no choice but to stay here forever.”

Out of heartache comes madness, but when you’re continuing to cause aching in your heart, then you become the one causing the madness, as well. Pulling yourself out to see the light of tomorrow will be the only protection from the darkness of loss.

“Knowing in Your Soul When It’s Time to Go”

The second song “it’s time to go” depicts the unhappiness of someone who is doing what everyone tells her she should do or be, whether she likes it or not. The song’s about finally building up the courage to go and be free. Although self-doubt and fear will tug at her while preparing to leave, she must “shake it off” and continue moving forward for herself and her future.

"Sometimes giving up is the strong thing/ Sometimes to run is the brave thing/ Sometimes walking out is the one thing/ That will find you the right thing."

She repeats that line multiple times in order to stop the hesitation that holds many back, as Swift says, “knowing in your soul when it’s time to go. You just go.”

The two extra songs were made into lyric videos for “It’s Time to Go” and “Right Where You Left Me.” Swift released the original version and the deluxe edition of Evermore early last month.

The deluxe edition of Taylor Swift’s Evermore began streaming Thursday and features both bonus tracks.

Being Evermore As Strong As An Evergreen

Evermore by Taylor Swift seems to be similar to the term evergreen, meaning the evergreen trees will keep growing leaves while other leaves fall off. Taylor seems to encourage her listeners to keep standing, even if you feel like falling. However, if you do fall, simply stand back up and continue to be an evergreen evermore.