Taylor Swift Rocks Bear Costume Saying ‘Bye 2020, It’s Been Weird’

by Katie Maloney

In a New Years Eve post on Twitter, Taylor Swift shares a photo of herself wearing a bear costume.

We don’t have to restate that 2020 has been, well, “weird.” Maybe that’s too gentle of a word to describe the last 365 days but, we get what Taylor’s saying. This year has left us like mediocre ex-partners with nothing much left to say but “bye…it’s been weird.”

And that’s exactly how Swift is closing out 2020. Swift shared a photo of herself wearing a bear costume on Twitter. Along with the photo, she wrote, “bye 2020, it’s been weird.”

Taylor Swift Makes 2020 A Little Less Weird With Music

Just when we thought all hope was lost, Swift, being the mystical music angel she is, blessed us with two new albums. Her first album, Folklore, dropped in July and featured hits including “Exile” and “Cardigan.” Folklore quickly became the first album to sell a million copies in 2020. No more than five months after the release of Folklore, Swift gifted us with her second album of the year, Evermore. The album maintained its position in the number one spot on Billboard charts this week for the second week in a row.

During an interview, Swift talks about how she feels after releasing the album.

“I’m in this state of exhaustion but relief, and very proud,” says Swift. A feeling, we think almost everyone can relate to as we close out this year.

Why Is Swift Outside For Evermore Album Cover?

Swift share how nature influenced songs throughout the album and how she chose her album cover.

“We gravitated towards what made us both [her and her co-writer] simultaneously feel cozy, which was nature. You know so many of us, during the pandemic, were going on hikes and trying to get outside because nature symbolized this strange comfort all of a sudden,” says Swift. “When everything was completely off-kilter and no one could figure out how to get their bearings, we all went outside or tried to go camping or went for drives,” says Swift.”

However, that wasn’t the only reason nature was included in her album. Swift says that she chose an outdoor space for the album cover because, during the pandemic, she couldn’t have a professional photoshoot.

“It was also the easiest way to do a photo shoot,” says Swift. “How can I make art and make visuals that go with this art when I can’t ask my hair and makeup and stylists to quarantine from their families for two weeks or fly or expose themselves to the virus? How can I make a cover on my own? Can I DIY this?” continues Swift.

Taylor Swift talks about her new album, Evermore.

Swift says that Evermore feels like the conclusion we are all looking for right now.

“With Evermore, I have this feeling of sort of quiet conclusion. Sort of this weird serenity like we did what we set out to do and we’re all really proud of it. And that feels really really nice,” says Swift.