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Taylor Swift Teases Re-Recorded Version of Smash Hit ‘Love Story’

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Dave J Hogan/Getty Images

Fans may think of a new duo when they hear the newest version of Taylor Swift’s hit song “Love Story.”

Before it was the 2009 music video with Taylor Swift and her lover appearing as a rendition of old school Romeo and Juliet. The romantic, award-winning video caused countless tweens and teens to swoon in the early 2000s.

Now, however, the new match-made-in-hell may be the first couple pictured when fans think of “Love Story.”

In a tweet today, Swift announced that her re-recording of the records are not done. She is in the process of this project after her former record label sold the rights against her wishes.

Swift Helps Tell a New ‘Love Story’

However, when her friend Ryan Reynolds asked for a snippet of the song, Swift couldn’t resist giving fans a humorous sneak peek.

In the video Satan and the year 2020 match on a dating app. They then get down and dirty with creating the worst year possible. They are seen stealing toilet paper, working out in a closed gym, and standing next to a literal dumpster fire.

At the end they note, “they never want this year to end” as meteors light up the sky.

In the background of this chaotically accurate depiction of 2020, is the newly recorded version of “Love Story.” Earlier, Swift told Good Morning America that the song she was most excited about re-recording was “Love Story.”

She shared that her goal was to even improve on some of her older songs where her voice hadn’t quite developed to where it is today.

Her album “Fearless” was more of a country album and marked Swift’s time as a country artist. Now, Swift is more of a pop artist than anything else. Her album “folklore” may even make her a more indie-alternative artist.

In the new track, it sounds pretty similar to the old version. That same country twang soft and sweet voice is still present. She sings slightly more crisp and refined, demonstrating mastery of her craft.

However, she has not made any significant changes. This seems to suggest that her re-recordings really will just be putting these old songs back on the charts.

Although her re-recordings likely won’t be released in 2020, her release of “folklore,” the film for the album, as well as announcing the re-recordings have made the year likely less hell-like for her fans.