Ted Nugent Cheekily Wishes for a ‘Locked and Ready to Rock’ New Year

by Joe Rutland

Rock guitarist and hunter extraordinaire Ted Nugent sent out a New Year’s message to his social media followers filled with good wishes.

Nugent went to Twitter on Jan. 4 and said, “May your 2021 provide complete peace and sanctuary while always remaining cocked locked and ready to rock! Godspeed 2021 s–tkickers and freedom BloodBrothers of the world.”

Much like other musicians in 2020, Nugent, known as “The Motor City Madman,” had to postpone concert dates due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

But he turned his attention to one of his great passions, hunting, and often shared tips and suggestions on his Facebook page.

Ted Nugent Asks His Followers To ‘Hunt Harder, Smarter’

Ted Nugent spends time offering up his thoughts on hunting, music, and life on his website. In his last entry for 2020, he calls on his hunting-friendly fans to remember some core ideas.

“Do like your Uncle Ted and hunt harder, smarter, more often and more intensely than ever before!” Nugent writes.

“Hunting and fishing license sales were noticeably (up) to dramatically up across the nation as the inner spark of self-reliance, rugged individualism and self-sufficiency kicked in,” he said.

“I know many people have suffered this year (just like many people do every year) and we have sincere empathy and genuine compassion for any and all suffering,” Nugent said.

Ted Nugent Remembers Bow Hunting Friend Through Song

Passion and hunting are two topics that drive rock music legend Ted Nugent. When it comes to bow hunting, it’s all about Fred Bear.

Yes, Nugent has one of his signature songs called “Fred Bear,” but there’s more to the story.

There was actually was a person called Fred Bear, a bow hunting superstar and close friend of Nugent. It was their friendship and Bear teaching Nugent about bowhunting that drew them closer together.

Nugent says that “Fred Bear was not only the world’s great hunter, certainly the world’s greatest bow hunter.”

“He was probably the most sincere, lovable guy I’ve ever met in my life,” he says.

Bear was born in 1905 and didn’t take up bow hunting until 1929, according to The Bow Hunters Hall of Fame, of which he’s a member. He’s credited with creating and implementing a number of techniques and tools hunters still use.

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