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Watch: Ted Nugent Is ‘High on the Powers of Nature’ in New Buck Hunting Video

by Outsider
(Photo by Scott Legato/Getty Images)

Everyone knows music legend Ted Nugent is a huge fan of hunting. That’s why his latest Facebook post doesn’t come as any kind of surprise.

“I’m in a tree with sharp sticks…” wrote Nugent. “Well of course I am, my name is Ted Death Wish Sharp Stick Mystical Flight of the Arrow Spirit of the Wild Nugent! Did you get all of that?” The playful caption goes well with the video, where it looks like Nugent is certainly going to nail his prey.

“SMOKED! Check out this shot with my #48 Mathews Archery, Inc. Traverse!” he continued, referring to the shot he takes in the video.

Nugent is in a tree armed with a bow and arrow. He’s hunting deer. There are several deer grazing in the distance, which he is keeping an eye on — hence the “sharp sticks” comment.

He draws back on the bow and gets a clean shot in, but the deer he targeted bolts away.

That doesn’t deter Ted, though. He’s out for blood and he’s going to score some game today. He finishes out the clip discussing some of his hunting exploits. It’s very typical for the rocker and a wildly entertaining watch.

Ted Nugent recently performed at a Donald Trump rally

Recently, Nugent got up to more than hunting. He threw his support behind Donald Trump for the next president of the United States.

Nugent played the National Anthem at a campaign rally for Trump in Muskegon, Michigan. He ended up calling Trump “the greatest president in our lifetime.”

“God bless real Michigan, God bless real America,” he said. “God bless the greatest president in our lifetime, Donald Trump. We will make America great again. And we will make Michigan great again. Won’t we? Live it up. Have a great hunting season. Kill lots of s–t.”

Check out video of the performance above.

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