Ted Nugent is Always Thankful Because Being Born in America Was ‘Luck of the Draw’

by Atlanta Northcutt

Ted Nugent is proud to be an American, where at least he knows he’s free to be angry and show opposition to the government.

Ted Nugent appeared on America This Week with Eric Bolling during the “United We Stand” segment. Issues including kneeling during the national anthem, democrats promoting Marxism, the government being lawless, and people disrespecting the sacred rights of the country were all topics Nugent touched on.

Thanksgiving with Ted Nugent

However, he also expressed what he was thankful for this Thanksgiving, and that was living in America.

“Thank God we’re celebrating Thanksgiving,” he says. “I celebrate it every day, Eric, literally because I was born in America, just by the roll of the dice and the luck of the draw.”

Health and government officials warned people to stay home during Thanksgiving due to fear of spreading COVID-19. Nugent was less than happy with that recommendation.

He posted a meme on Facebook from “cops who remember their oath” that clearly demonstrates how he feels this Thanksgiving.

“Dear America. Enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner with your family and friends,” he wrote. “We won’t be knocking on your door to arrest you. Unlike many politicians, we actually believe in the Constitution and America.”

“There’s only one experiment self-government, there’s only one constitution, there’s only one Bill of Rights, there’s only one Declaration of Independence and individual rights from God that are documented by our founding fathers in these sacred documents,” Nugent continues.

The Importance of “The Star-Spangled Banner”

With Nugent having been in law enforcement for 40 years, he feels very strongly about showing a certain amount of respect for military and law enforcement officials.

“You probably see I hang out with a lot of military and law enforcement,” says Nugent. “I just shared a campfire with some great heroes of the US Marine Corps on the birthday of the marines, and we had some Navy Seals. We had some Delta Force guys. Am I the luckiest guy in the world?”

“I’ve saluted so many flag-draped coffins. Being invited into those personal lives of these heroes as they say goodbye to their brothers, their sisters, their loved-ones. And the pain and the heartbreak and the tears,” Nugent continues. “The tears flow because they charged into that life-destroying fire for our freedom for their oath to the constitution.

Nugent says when he plays “The “Star Spangled Banner” he means every lyric, melody, note, emotion, and defiant gesture.

“More and more Americans are waking up, and getting out of the self-inflicted curse of apathy,” he says. “We’re demanding constitutional accountability. We see the fraud, we see the deceit, we see the outright criminality from the left, and I think the conservative families of America are demanding God, family, country, and law and order. We are now waking up. The giant is waking up, and we’re going to demand accountability. I see it coming.”