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Ted Nugent Offers Explanation for What Forefathers Intended With Second Amendment

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Larry Marano/Getty Images

Ted Nugent is sharing a pro-gun meme on his Facebook account, explaining what he sees as the meaning behind the Second Amendment.

The amendment, which is the right to bear arms, was originally created to give citizens the means to fight against a tyrannical government, according to Live Science.

That’s a belief that Nugent shares, insisting guns aren’t only for hunting. Nugent shared a meme of a soldier carrying an assault rifle. The meme’s caption read, “‘You don’t need 30 rounds to hunt.’ True…but our forefathers didn’t write the 2nd Amendment because the deer were coming.”

Posted by Ted Nugent on Friday, November 20, 2020

Ted Nugent Believes in Pro-Gun

Nugent has long been a believer in the right to bear arms and wield guns. He’s also an avid hunter, a passion he frequently shares on his social media accounts. He’s also shared videos of himself firing guns at a range, along with gun facts. The rockstar said, even before the election, that President-Elect Joe Biden and the Democrats want to “take away” people’s guns.

In a recent video, he compared both Biden and Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris to the devil. He repeated his stance that he believes the two will attempt to eliminate the Second Amendment.

“Joe Bidden and Kamala Harris, they represent the devil,” Nugent said. “There is no democrat party. It’s now the Marxist devil party. Devil Joe and devil Kamala are not going to take our guns. Period.”

Before the election, Nugent urged his fellow hunters and conservatives to vote for Trump in part due to the issue of gun control.

“Everybody who is paying attention knows that the left will gut the Bill of Rights to the Constitution,” Ted Nugent said. “Actually, not gut it but just eliminate it completely. In their own words, they are coming to take your guns. Beto O’Rourke, Joe Biden, and Kamala Harris — everybody knows that they want to disarm their subjects.”