Terry Bradshaw Has Bull With an Impressive Buck in Upcoming Rodeo: ‘Coulda Played for the Steelers’

by Will Shepard

Terry Bradshaw is a man of many talents. Not only was he an outstanding NFL quarterback, but his career since playing for the Steelers has been equally impressive.

He is one of the key pieces for Fox’s NFL commentary team. Terry Bradshaw is also the star of a reality show based on his family. So, he is now well versed in the entertainment business. As always, though, he is still looking to show off his brand.

His brand is important, so he is doing the sensible thing and expanding it to bull riding. He is a self-declared rodeo buff. Because he loves the rodeo and ranching so much, Terry Bradshaw has a prized bull.

So this weekend, the former Steelers quarterback took the bull to Odin, Kansas. He is excited to watch the bull try and buck a couple of cowboys off at the fairgrounds. Reportedly, he is on hand at the fairgrounds for the festivities.

So, on April 19, he decided to promote the rode. The quarterback went on the radio with the “Scott and Shannon Morning Show” to discuss the Bradshaw Bourbon bull. Even though the rodeo started on Friday, April 23, his message rings true.

Terry Bradshaw said, in a matter-of-fact way, that his Bradshaw Bourbon bull is the best one out there. He said that the animal is so intense and good at its job that it “coulda played for the Steelers.”

Terry Bradshaw’s Love of All Things Western

Terry Bradshaw has a deep-seated passion for western life. In addition to his bucking bull, the TV star raises Quarter Horses.

Not only that, though, he said in an interview last year with Cowboys and Indians that he and his wife, Tammy, got to the “Quarter Horse Super Bowl.” The former Steelers quarterback can’t seem to get enough of the western lifestyle.

“We go to Oklahoma City to attend horse shows and to show horses,” Terry Bradshaw said. “We go there two or three times a year. At the American Quarter Horse World Show, which is our Super Bowl, and it’s there every year in November, we show in halter. We’ll show for a solid week. I would encourage anyone that loves the American Quarter Horse, you have to go to the American Quarter Horse World.”

So, for Terry Bradshaw, the rodeos, his bull, and Quarter Horses keep him connected to the life he always wanted. It also keeps him young and helps him to continue to enjoy every part of life.

If you are as interested in rodeos as the former Steelers quarterback, keep an eye out to see how his bull did in the rodeo.