Terry Bradshaw Speaks Out on Backlash He Faced for Going Nude in Movie

by Emily Morgan

Actor and former football star Terry Bradshaw is opening up about stripping down for his various television and movie appearances. 

During an interview with Parade, Bradshaw spoke candidly about his marriage, memories, and the backlash he faced from the baptist community for baring all during scenes. 

“All my whole life, I’ve been that child that’s just always been the center of attention,” Bradshaw said. “I enjoy being goofy, it feeds my soul. That’s why I’m the butt of jokes and stuff. But I’ve accomplished a lot in my life, and you can’t possibly hurt me. I’m totally comfortable in my own skin.”

After a successful run with the Steelers, Bradshaw became a sports analyst and co-host of “Fox NFL Sunday.”

Later, he garnered more attention when he picked up acting. Most notably, Bradshaw made audiences laugh out loud when he appeared in the romantic comedy, Failure to Launch. 

Bradshaw bares all in the movie, in which he co-stars with Kathy Bates as the parents of a 35-year-old man, played by Matthew McConaughey, still living at home. They’re forced to hire a woman, played by Sarah Jessica Parker, to seduce their son and get him to move out. 

Once the son moves out, his former room becomes “daddy’s naked room.”

This culminates in a hilarious scene where the son comes back to find the dad feeding his fish, casually nude. 

Terry Bradshaw’s Backlash For Baring All in Rom-Com

Despite the light-hearted moment that garnered laughs, some Baptist members in Terry Bradshaw’s community didn’t have the same reaction. 

“There’s nothing I won’t do. From the movie, Failure to Launch, when I went naked and my mother went, ‘You were not raised like that, you’re a Baptist!’ But I did it for that reason right there! Little did I know that when I went to church that Sunday the preacher would preach about what a sinful human being I was. I don’t mind.”

Regardless of the backlash, Bradshaw has since gone on to be nothing less than successful. Besides acting, he’s an avid singer with five country and gospel albums recorded. This year, he’s also scheduled to perform in Las Vegas at the Luxor. 

In addition, his successful reality series, The Bradshaw Bunch, is headed into its second season. Appearing with his family, Bradshaw shows fans he’s much like the goofy, lovable characters he plays on-screen. 

This season, Bradshaw is looking forward to showing off his recent weight loss. 

“In the first year of The Bradshaw Bunch I was extremely big, and I since have lost 20-something pounds. I’m not real proud of the way I look on the air, but at the same time, I’m like, “Ahh, screw it, who cares? I’m 72, you’re supposed to have a gut!”