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Which Thanksgiving Foods Pair Well With Your Favorite ‘Blue Bloods and ‘NCIS’ Characters

by Maggie Schneider
(Photo by Ben Gabbe/Getty Images)

CBS Studios wishes fans a Happy Thanksgiving with a fun tweet. Find out what your favorite characters pair best with this holiday!

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. Yes, the food and the company are great. But, there is something about getting to watch all my favorite television shows with my mom. The combination is something special!

To get us in the holiday spirit, CBS Studios is sharing their favorite character/food pairings. With every pairing comes a fun reasoning behind the combination. Which “NCIS” character pairs best with cranberry sauce? What about mashed potatoes? Let’s take a look!

CBS Studios pairs Marty Deeks character with cranberry sauce. They describe the Eric Christian Olsen as “a wild card. You don’t exactly know how it’s made but it brings a tart sweetness to the whole Thanksgiving forkful and makes every bite interesting.” Fans are in agreement that the “NCIS: Los Angeles” character is a perfect fit.

My favorite pairing is Frank Reagan and turkey! Classic and dependable, the “Blue Bloods” character is combined with the centerpiece of most Thanksgiving tables: “The glue that holds the Thanksgiving table together and should be respected as such. There would be no Turkey Day without it.” Looking at Tom Selleck’s career, this pairing fits the bill.

Fan-Favorite Pairings

Fans are commenting their favorite pairings as well. Most appreciate the gravy and pie combinations! Sara and Grissom from “CSI: Vegas” match these popular dishes. Fans love Sara for her sweet and dependable side, matches the pumpkin pie. Grissom’s character is compared to gravy: “Unassuming with main character energy. Has the ability to enhance everything it touches.” Fans love the couple and it shows.

“Gravy and pie for this fan,” @4realkaylab writes with a cute emoji.

“Love me some gravy and pie,” @NSimperl adds.

Thanksgiving night is the perfect time to find a blanket and watch your favorite CBS shows.

Air Times and “NCIS: Los Angeles” Hiatus

With so many shows on air right now, it is good to know when and how to watch! This is your guide in helping you decide what to tune into with your family.

Unfortunately, “NCIS: Los Angeles” is taking its mid-season hiatus after this week’s episode. While fans are disappointed, they can tune into previous episodes of the series. Streaming platforms such as Paramount+, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video are all places to watch the show. Reruns are also airing via USA Network throughout the week.

New episodes of “Blue Bloods” premiere every Friday night at 10 pm est. It is also streamable on most platforms.

“CSI: Vegas” airs every Wednesday night at 10 pm est. The spinoff’s new episode is foreshadowed by an interesting description: “The CSI team investigates the eccentric world of sideshows when a couple of performers are discovered burnt in a pit.”

Lastly, “Law and Order” airs its next episode on December 9th. The show has been on holiday hiatus since episode 8’s release on November 11th.